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You have selected The Scholarship page. We remember you that the following information does not replace the content of Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website.



What is the scholarship

It’s an amount of money that helps you pay the costs you face when you study at university.

It's granted by public competition to students who meet the requirements and is paid in two insallments.


Scholarship and housing service

If you are an off-site student you can request, in addition to the scholarship, to be hosted in one of our university hall of residences.

To present the request for housing service and to have access to a bed, you must meet the same requirements as for the application for scholarship only.

Competition results

For each benefit requested, we publish a special ranking list (provisional and definitive) which can be consulted on your personal page of EDISU website.

Online publication excludes other methods of communication - individually - on the results of the application.



Notice of competition a.y. 2023/2024

The notice is structured in such a way that you are not required to read it in full.
You must necessarily read the contents of sections 1 "Recipients", 2 "General provisions" and 12 "Final provisions". Among the other sections, however, you will only have to read those that interest you based on the type of application you want to submit.



Submission of the application


The application

  • Students must access the procedure through SPID code or CIE
  • International students without SPID code (because they don’t have “residenza anagrafica” in Italy) must request a Temporary Login Code that will expire on 30 June 2024. They will always have to attach their ID.

Remember that you must send the application within the deadlines and in the manner specified on the notice of competition.


The application is open to students who meet the requirements and:

  • Merit requirements: the achievement of a certain number of credits is required to access the benefits, in the case of successive years’ students, or during the course of the year, in the case of students who enroll in 2023/24 to a first year (freshmen);
  • Economic requirements: identified on the basis of the economic and property situation of the family unit.



The online application procedure will be available in the following periods:

  • Bachelor’s degree, single cycle master’s degree, master’s degree: from 20 July to 05 September 2023 at noon

if you want to apply for both scholarship and accommodation or if you want to apply for scholarship only

  • PhD  and Postgraduate Schools: from 24 October to 28 November 2023 at noon



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