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Civic access and to the proceedings

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The different access modes 

Civic access

Is the right of anyone to request the publication of documents, information or data for which there are specific obligations of transparency, in cases where their publication on the institutional website has been omitted (Article 5 of Legislative Decree No. 33 /2013)


General civic access (FOIA)

Is the right of anyone to access data and documents held by public administrations, other than those subject to publication (...), in compliance with the limits relating to the protection of legally relevant interests in accordance with article 5-bis "( Article 5, paragraph 2, Legislative Decree No. 33/2013).


Access to the proceedings (L. 421)

The access to the proceedings or administrative documents is the possibility to meet them through visualization, extraction of copy or further modalities suitable for allowing the examination in any form the contents are presented. 

The interested subjects must have an specific scope, real, current and a situation protected by the law, and connected to the requested document.




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