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Halls of Residences

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The welcome

Our university halls of residences are places where studying can be simpler. For more information on how to access the bed, consult the page Scholarship.

The residences are also structured for paid guesthouse solutions. For information, consult the page Accommodation by reservation.

Housing structures

Hospitality is organized in university halls of residences and equipped apartments, near university courses.

Depending on the characteristics of the various structures, single, double and triple rooms are available. Some singles are equipped for the hospitality of disabled users.
The structures are generally open 11 months a year and some also in August.


Here are some of the services available inside, which are subject to variations in relation to the types of structure in which you stay: day and night surveillance, periodic supply and change of linen, common or in-room kitchens, laundry / ironing room, pay phones, equipped gyms, common and multipurpose rooms, bicycle parking, Internet connection wi - fi, conference halls.

Any anticipation? 

Watch the video clip we made about the Residences on the Youtube channel and satisfy your curiosity about the facilities and services available inside!


Our location 

Quickly get information on the residence you are interested in! Consult the page Find location and search by city!


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