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Formulas and meal rates

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Full price bracket (Bracket 6)

At the full rate, sign in:

  • if you do not submit the application to access the reduced rate
  • if, having submitted the application, it is ascertained that the applicant does not meet the income requirements for access to the subsidized rate provided for in the Food Regulations 2021_2022.

Access to the full rate (Fascia 6) is sufficient:

  • go to a university canteen and show one of the required documents (Smart Card and magnetic card);
  • be in possession of a Smart Card, if you want to access an alternative service.

The amount of the fee varies according to the meal formula and the refreshment point (canteens and alternative services).

To access to the full price bracket (Bracket 6) it is sufficient:

The amount of the fare varies according to the meal formula and the refreshment point (canteens and alternative services) - Food Regulations 2021_2022.


Reduced price brackets

There are 5 reduced price brackets.

To know how you can access to the reduced price brackets go to the page How to access to the service.


Reduced price brackets based on the type of meal


Full meal

  • Composition: Traditional meal (first course, second course, side dish, bread, fruit)


Mini meal 

  • Composition: Traditional meal (first or second course, side dish, bread, fruit)


Mini meal C

  • Composition: Traditional meal (side dish, side dish, bread, fruit)


À la carte (frazionato)

  • Composition: You can compose your meal by choosing among the single dishes served in the day, there are no limits, and you would pay the tariff of the single dish chosen.


All-in-one dish meal

  • Composition: It's the “daily dish” formula. 


All-in-one full dish meal

  • Composition: first course, second course, side dish, fruit, bread


All-in-one mini dish meal 

  • Composition: first or second course, side dish, fruit, bread




  • Still or sparkling
  • Included, in all type of meal
  • Canteens: cold - water spout (free service)
  • Substitute services: glass of water




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