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What is meant by assessments

These are the checks we perform on the economic requirements that the student/young woman has declared by applying for an EDISU benefit (scholarship and housing service, food service) and are regulated by the appropriate Regulations.
They concern the economic and asset data of the members of the household self-certified for the determination of ISE, ISEE, ISP, ISPE, SE values.
From the disbursement of the benefit EDISU has 10 years (statute of limitations) to proceed with the revocation of the benefit.


How EDISU assesments take place

Assessments are conducted at different times:
- ex ante (on the application acquired before the benefit is disbursed) on the following documents:
  • consular documents and Isee Parificato produced (Extra-EU and EU international students)
  • University Isee attestations and residence permits (students/others availing themselves of international protection, refugee status or political asylum)
  • self-certifications of independent student status
  • self-certifications of family unit registered with AIRE or possession of income or assets abroad
  • ISEE statements that apply to university benefits
Notice is given to interested parties of the initiation of the proceedings by sending a registered letter to the residential address provided to EDISU Piedmont when applying for the scholarship.


- ex post (when the benefit has already been disbursed) in respect of the following categories of students:
  • scholarship winners and if off-campus, housing service
  • eligible students/assignees of housing service
  • students/se who have requested food service at a subsidized rate;
  • Non-EU students who have confirmed the economic data contained in the ISEE Parificato submitted to their University for the purpose of reducing tuition fees;
Notification is given to those directly concerned of the start of the procedure by sending a registered letter to the address of residence communicated to EDISU Piedmont during the scholarship application phase.
For more details on the procedures and how to proceed, we invite you to consult our Regulations.


What sanctions for irregularities that compromise the right to the benefit

If the assessment reveals irregularities that result in a non-compliant outcome of the control or such that jeopardize the right of the student to the benefit received, the Regulations provide for the following consequences for the student/ssa himself/herself, which, depending on the case, consist of:
- revocation of the full scholarship (return of the full amount);
- redetermination of the scholarship amount (refund of the difference between the full and reduced scholarship amount);
- revocation of accomodation service (refund of the full scholarship amount disbursed including the amount of housing service used);
- revocation of the subsidized rate of food service (application of the full rate for the no. of meals enjoyed in the year under assessment);
- redetermination of the subsidized rate (refund of the difference between the amount of the reduced rate awarded as a result of assessment and the subsidized rate enjoyed on the basis of self-certification);
in all the cases listed above, the following additional consequences are also provided for:
  • administrative penalty referred to in '10 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 68/2012;
  • forfeiture of the benefit being checked and loss of the right to obtain other EDISU benefits;
  • notification to the competent Guardia di Finanza for the application of any further measures and actions provided for by the regulations in force.
For more information and details please see our Rules and Regulations, send an email to or use the Ticketing system, economic assessments section.



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