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You have selected the Assessments page. We remember you that the following information does not replace the content of Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website.


What is meant by assessments

In order to ensure the respect of the terms of the Notice of Competition, EDISU Piemonte makes assessments on the truthfulness about students self-certifications, that can be done after the benefits payment too.


Economic assestement

EDISU assesses the truthfulness of the economic declarations submitted by 100% of the applicants for scholarship and accommodation service for the a.y. 2018/2019.
Assessments involve both students who declare economic data through a self-declaration, both students who maintained the benefit on the basis of merit criteria in the a.y. 2014/15 (ISEE before DPCM 159/2013).

According to art. 11 par. 6 DPCM 159/2013, EDISU assesses the family composition and compares the declared incomes and assets with the data available on the Ministry of Finances and INPS databases.

EDISU can ask for further documents to prove that data are complete and true.

EDISU will inform students about the beginning of the assessment procedures with some news on the website. Students can follow the progression of the procedure on their personal pages of EDISU Online Services, section “My assessments”.

EDISU guarantees that the assessment will be concluded in compliance with the deadlines specified by DPCM 143/2010 s.m.i.

The competent Office is the Student Office (Segreteria Studenti), and the responsible of the economic assessments is Mrs. Elena Florio (check art. 8 par. 1 and 2 Law 241/1990 and s.m.i.). Students can check their documents in Via Giulia di Barolo 3 bis, Turin.

The Finance Police can do further assessments (check art. 11 par 13 DPCM 159/2013).

Merit assessments

EDISU assesses with universities the students’ enrolment and merit requirements, particularly concerning all self-declarations on the enrolment in University, the year of first enrolment, and the number of credits/exams declared.

These assessments start after the application deadlines and finish with the payment of the second instalment of scholarship.

Further checks may be carried out after the payment of the second instalment, even in case of communications received by the Universities.

For first-year students, EDISU will assess the merit requirements for the maintenance of the first instalment of scholarship and the accommodation., according to art.8 paragraph 1 and 2 , and Law n° 241/1990.

Assessments finalised




Economic assessments 2014/2015 

EDISU informs that the economic declarations of all the students who applied for scholarship and accommodation service or only scholarship in 2013/14 will be assessed in compliance with art. 4 par. 10 DPCM 9 April 2011 and art. 34 par. 1 EDISU Notice of Competition 2014/15).

Furthermore, as competent authority, EDISU assesses the truthfulness of self-declarations produced by students winner of scholarship and accommodation service/only scholarship in the a.y. 2014/2015, on their family and economic conditions.

EDISU informs that (check art. 8 par. 1 and 2 Law 241 7 August 1990 and s.m.i.):

  • the proceeding started on 5 March 2018 and will finish within 28 June 2018;

  • the competent office is the Economic Assessments Office, the responsible of the proceeding is Mrs. Elena Florio;

  • documents can be checked in Via Giulia di Barolo 3 bis, Turin;

Due to the high number of assessments, in case of positive outcome no communication will be sent to students. Otherwise, in case of negative outcome of the assessment, students will be informed and they will be able to submit their observations within 30 days;

  • the proceeding will be completed within 180 days, (in compliance with DPCM 143/2010 16 July 2010), and students can follow the progression of the procedure on their personal pages of EDISU Online Services, section “My assessments”.

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Notice (last update 6 February 2020)


Next assessments procedures

For all the procedures listed below, we will communicate on this site the initiation of proceedings. Students who are interested in the investigation will be able to follow the progress of their procedure on the personal page of the online services.

  • A.A. 2015_16 Reference art. 34 of the Competition Notice a.y. 2015-2016
  • A.A. 2016_17 Reference art. 38 of the Notice of Competition a.y. 2016-2017 
  • A.A. 2017_18 Reference art. 38 of the Notice of Competition a.y. 2017-2018
  • A.A. 2018_19 Reference art. 38 of the Notice of Competition a.y. 2018-2019



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