Certified electronic mail (PEC)

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The Certified Electronic Mail is an electronic mail system that provides the sender, in possession of its own PEC box, the electronic documentation, with legal value, certifying the sending and delivery of computer documents.

With the PEC system, the sender can exchange and receive messages and documents with the certainty of successful (or failed) delivery of their message and any attached documentation. 

Pec addresses

Sector Skills Dirigente pec address
Management office Secretariat of Management and Presidencies Donatella D'Amico - Manager direzione.presidenza@cert.edisu.piemonte.it
Management office Security Donatella D'Amico - Manager sicurezza@cert.edisu.piemonte.it
Facility Services Protocol Marina Cardona edisu@cert.edisu.piemonte.it
Facility Services Economic assessment Renato Viola accertamento.economico@cert.edisu.piemonte.it
Facility Services Student secretariat Renato Viola segreteria.studenti@cert.edisu.piemonte.it
Facility Services Residential and Housing Services Renato Viola residenze@cert.edisu.piemonte.it
Technical Services General construction Marina Cardona   tecnico@cert.edisu.piemonte.it


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