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You have selected The Revocation page. We remember you that the following information does not replace the content of Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website.




What is meant by revocation

Students incurring in exclusion and forfeiture concerning the eligibility during the years, must pay back the amount received for the scholarship and any other sum of money, plus the value of the accommodation service benefited.
Consequently, they lose the fee exemption in Universities.
Benefits are revoked to students to whom a serious disciplinary measure has been adopted by Universities, such as exclusion or suspension from multiple university exams or suspension from university attendance for a period equal to or greater than one year


Enrolment and merit assessment a.y. 2021/2022

In order to assess enrolment, merit condition, student’s career, internal transfers, or transfer-outs, EDISU carries out assessments jointly with Universities, involving all the self-certifications produced by students.
Assessments concern enrolment in a.y. 2021/2022, the year of first enrolment, and the minimum amount of credits declared, any eventual internal transfer of courses, and even any withdrawal from studies, even in previous academic careers.

Assessments will start from the deadline for the application, and will finish with the payment of scholarship’s second instalment. It is possible, in any case, to carry out further assessments after the payment of the second instalment of scholarship, even in case of communication received by Universities.


First years absence of merit requirements a.y. 2021/2022

Following the assessment on the absence of merit requirements in order to maintain the first instalment of scholarship, and an eventual anticipation on the amount of the second instalment received, EDISU can revoke the benefits with a special provision, the eligibility condition, the reimbursement of the regional tax, and the exemption from the payment of tuition and fees.
According to art. Par. 1 and 2 of Law n° 241 7 August 1990, EDISU assesses merit requirements needed to maintain the first instalment of scholarship, accommodation service benefited, and eligibility. This assessment involving first-years will start on 30 January 2023 and will finish within 30 June 2023.
In case of positive outcome of the assessment, the student will receive a communication noticing the positive outcome in the personal page of Online Services, section “assessments revocations”. No other communication will be sent to students to inform about the outcome of the assessment.

In case the absence of merit is assessed, procedures refer to regulations specified in art. 39 par. 3 of Notice of competition 2021_22, Restituzione benefici.


First and successive years – absence of merit requirements

It’s a reason for revocation of benefit (as in art. 3 of 2021/2022 Notice of competition “Condizioni di non ammissione” and “Condizioni di Esclusione”) the absence of requirements, following the assessments that can be carried out even after the publication of the ranking lists, as specified in art. 35 par. 2 “Revoca del servizio abitativo” or being involved in a serious disciplinary measure such as exclusion or suspension from multiple university exams or suspension from university attendance for a period equal to or greater than one year.

Concerning the assignees of accommodation service, it is furthermore a reason for revocation of accommodation service and eventually scholarship, being involved in a disciplinary action for the a.y. 2021/2022 pursuant to the provisions of the University Residences Internal Regulations and subsequent amendments.


Reimbursement of benefits – modality

  1.  Winners of scholarship, or eligible for scholarship and assigned to an accommodation
    These students will be informed with a letter (certified mail) including the official notification of the benefits granted and the amount to return, the payment procedure and deadlines for payment. Students must promptly communicate any changes regarding the address of residence/domicile to EDISU using the Ticketing service. Students incurring in a revocation without providing a correct residence/domicile address, hence resulting untraceable, will be reported to Universities in order to have their academic careers blocked.
    The blocking will be effective even for those students who did not reimburse the whole of the amount previously received, within the deadlines.
  2. Students eligible for scholarship and not assigned to any accommodation
    A notification will be published on the student’s personal page of Online Services, section “My assessments/Revocation” in order to communicate to the student about the conclusion of the assessment and its outcome. No other written communication will be sent.

The reimbursement of the amount received is carried out in compliance with the existing regulations. In any case of non-observance in returning the amount, other eventual benefits are suspended until the student is going to regularize his/her debit position.

Students subject to revocation of benefits can request to Ufficio Revoche to pay by installments exclusively using the ticketing service.


Request for installments

It’s possible to request an installment plan for amounts due by filling in and sending by ticket to Revocation Office
the appropriate Installments application Form
, which can be downloaded from the site, attaching a copy of a document
The agreed installment plan will be sent, by registered letter with return receipt, to the address indicated in the form.

For any information on how to request installments or installments in progress, contact the Revocation Office using the ticketing service.


Carrer block

Persons subject to revocation of benefits who have not paid the balance of the amount due within the terms indicated in the notification letter or who do not respect the installments granted pursuant to the EDISU Credit Recovery Guidelines, will incur in the administrative block of academic career.
This block will also be made to those who have not indicated a valid residence or domicile address and who therefore will not be found.
For any information on career blocks, contact the Revocation Office using the ticketing service.


Communication to the University and registration of the claim

The revocation claim will be communicated to the competent office in the University of the student. That office will revoke the exemption from the payment of tuition and fees, and will ask for the payment of the amount due based on 2021/2022 Tax Regulation.

In case of failure to return the sums due, Edisu will proceed with the recovery of the credits through the delivery of the roles by the concessionaire competent in matters of compulsory collection, to the debtors.


Revocation of further services and benefits

EDISU Piemonte will proceed with the revocation of further services (eg Food services) and other benefits as established by the respective Notices of competitons and internal regulations.


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