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Welcome and welcome to the Food section.

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Target of service

Food Services are targeted to all the students (Italian and international students), that are enrolled in the academic year 2021_2022 in Piedmontese universities specified in Restaurant Service Information 2023/24

The following categories may access to university canteens:

  • students (enrolled in other Italian or foreign universities) who are based in Piedmont while travelling for study purposes or participating in international exchange programmes or participating in Agon Project;
  • students enrolled in IED, IAAD, IUSTO
  • lecturers, university staff and foreign language lectures including those working in other Italian or foreign universities;
  • scholarship students from private research istitutions, foundations and similar organisations, as well as participants in conferences, seminars and study programmes;
  • any other customer regularly authorized by Edisu

Canteens and alternatice services

The service is offered in canteens and, for those students attending courses where there are no canteens, in alternative services at affiliate shops.


There are 5 reduced price brackets and 1 full price bracket - Restaurant Service Information 2023/24

To know more details go to the page Formulas and meal rates.

Download data needed

Download data needed to inquire and take advantage of the food service.
We remind you that the information on this page does not in any way replace the contents of the notices of competition, regulations and other official documents that regulate our services.

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