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Locations and opening hours

Quickly get the information you need to find your canteen! Check out the page Find the location you are looking for and find the university canteen of your interest in relation to the city where you are studying!

Green Pass, access regulation and payment

Emergency from Covid 19

For your own safety and that of others, we ask you to observe the following rules of conduct:

  • According to the Co.Re.Co. GUIDELINES in application of the Law Decree N.111 of 6 August 2021from 01.09.2021 to 31.12.2021students enrolled in any university course (including masters, specialization courses, specialization schools or other) and at AFAM Institutes must have a green pass to eat in canteens

  • Access is permitted with a mask, which each student must obtain independently.
  • It is compulsory to use sanitising gel to clean hands when entering and leaving the canteen, as well as every time you enter and exit the toilets.
  • At the time of access, each student must fill in a self-certification in which they declare that their temperature is below 37.5 degrees and that they are not positive for COVID-19. This declaration, together with the registration of the booking, will be kept for a period of not less than 15 days.
  • During the entire opening hours the windows must remain open to allow adequate ventilation of the premises.


Smart card: Access and payment

You can access to all the canteens and pay according to your price bracket. In order to pay, you have to use your Smart Card.


Reduced price 

To take advantage of the reduced rates you must have submitted your application, otherwise you will pay the full rate.
To take advantage of the food service you must have previously updated your Smart Card.

Our Menù

Our canteens and the canteen of Politecnico offer different menus, varying every week.
We serve typical specialities, Gluten free meals are also available.

The quality service

In EDISU university canteens everything related to the management is assessed in order to offer a quality service which is able to feel tastes change and combine that with Italian gastronomic cultural tradition. Special attention is paid to Nutrition Principles, to the seasonality and local origin of raw meterial and to hygiene and health checks.

For this purpose EDISU cooperates for years with Piedmont Region and Department of Veterinary Science and Agricolture of the University of Turin on a project of suitable food service. Mensana is a brand specially designed for University Canteens, which graphically indicates whole Canteens' project. Mensana represents this new kind of idea regarding University food services, with a particular focus on visual and architectional design.

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Users committee

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Every day from Monday to Friday on our Facebook page we tell you about the menus you will find at lunch in our canteens. An easy way to help you choose the dishes of the day and make you feel at home.

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Download data needed

Download data needed to inform yourself and use the catering service.
Please note that information does not replace the content of Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website.

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