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APP Campus Piemonte ID Meal

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As of April 2, 2024, payment in canteens and alternative services is made only by using the APP called “Campus Piemonte ID Meal”, designed for all students of Piedmont's universities, available and downloadable for free from the Play Store e da App Store and AppGallery (HUAWEI).


Scarica l'app dal Play StoreScarica l'app da App Store

How to access the App

The following steps are required for access to the canteens:
APP download and activation

  • Download the App from the Apple (for iOS), Google Play (for Android) and AppGallery (HUAWEI) stores;
  • Enter the reserved area of the On Line counter of the EDISU portal to associate the App to your mobile device;
  • Click at the top right on "Catering Portal";
  • If you are a student who has applied for the reduced rates for food service at Edisu, if you are an Edisu grant holder or international mobilty student (Erasmus), you can click on "App Association" and immediately after that on "Canteen App Association";
  • If you are a student without concessions or a university lecturer or if you are a member of the university staff or of Edisu Piemonte or if you are another person authorised in accordance with article 1 of the Canteen Regulations, click on "Canteen other users" to register. Only then associate your device as indicated in the previous point;
  • Click on "Generate QR Code" and scan it with your smartphone to activate the App;
  • Open the App and choose a 5-digit PIN. This procedure is only valid for the first access, afterwards you only need to enter your PIN or use automatic (biometric) recognition.

Refill e-purse

  • Click on "Reload e-purse".
  • Click on "Reload elecronic purse (VIRTUAL POS)" to recharge your purse through the UNICREDIT platform (without paying fees).
  • Click on "Recharge electronic purse (PAGO PA) to recharge your purse through the "Pago PA" platform (with payment of fees). N.B. In case of recharging the electronic purse through PagoPA, the crediting of the deposited amount may take place within 72 hours;
  • Click on "Check purse balance" ti check your APP's electronic purse balance.

Now you are ready to go to the canteen and consume your meal. All you have to do is open the App, go to the cashier and, through the Canteen Card function, generate the QR Code to show to the operator.




Ultimo aggiornamento: 12 June 2024

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