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Data di creazione: 30 November 2023

As of 1 December 2023, EDISU Piemonte will activate the "Campus Piemonte Id Meal" App, which can be used to access the canteens managed by EDISU at first, as well as to identify students and to use the additional services provided by the organisation in a second phase.

From that date, students enrolled in the first year and interested in the services offered by EDISU Piemonte will be required to use the "Campus Piemonte Id Meal" App, while those enrolled in subsequent years will be able - for a few months only, i.e. until the end of the experimental period - to continue to use the smart card they already have, if they so wish.

Recharging the electronic purse by means of the new App will be possible via the Internet using PagoPA, the digital platform that enables payments to be made to the Public Administration. In this case, the intermediary credit institution may charge an additional fee. Recharging the App - from 1 December 2023 until the end of the experimental period - can still be done without paying any fee by using the recharging columns, present in each canteen managed by EDISU Piemonte, or the POS present in the canteens themselves or at the affiliated businesses.

The new app can be downloaded from here:

Ultimo aggiornamento: 17 April 2024

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