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Data di creazione: 24 March 2023
Also for academic year 2022/23 Fondo Rotativo for rent deposit is available. Fondo Rotativo is reserved for off-campus students applying for scholarships and housing service enrolled in a first year or a successive year, who result eligible in the accommodation definitive classification list and not assigned as a result of expression of interest.
In the Fondo Roativo Notice of competition a.y. 22/23 (available on this page) you can find all information on requirements, modalities and deadlines for the application.
ONLINE APPLICATION FROM 31/03/2023 TO 07/04/2023 at noon (Italian time) using the “SPID code” or, for International students the “Temporary Login Code 2022/23”.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 14 April 2023

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