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2023/24 scholarship: definitive ranking list for first year Bachelor’s degree students and Single Cycle Master’s Degree students enrolled within 31 October 2023

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Data di creazione: 06 November 2023

Scholarship definitive ranking list will be published on 8 November 2023 at noon for students enrolled within 31 October 2023 in a first year of Bachelor’s Degree or in a first year of Single Cycle Master’s Degree.


Login to the Online Services and click on the link “Elaborated ranking list” in the box “Scholarship, accommodation service, food service”.
Students may result winner or eligible.

WINNERS: these students meet the requirements and obtain the benefit. The results will indicate which of the funds the scholarship was awarded with.

Students who communicate their IBAN code within 8 November will receive the 20% of the total amount of scholarship from mid November and another 30% of the total amount from the end of December.

Please note that the payment of the instalment is the administrative act with which Edisu disposes the provision of the instalment, not the accreditation. The sum of money will be available in the students’ bank account or card during the following month, depending on the timing of the credit institutions.

ELIGIBLES: these students meet the requirements, but they cannot obtain the benefit because of the exhaustion of the available resources.
Students eligibles in this ranking list will be listed with priority on the scholarship definitive ranking list the 13 December.

Students who don’t meet the requirements will not be listed on the definitive ranking list the 8 November, and can submit again a complaint starting from 8 November at noon and within 14 November at noon.

Students who don’t meet the requirements, even if enrolled,  will not be listed on the definitive ranking list the 8 November and students who result eligible, can submit the declaration of house rental starting from 8 November at noon and within 23 November at noon.


Students who have requested the 20% increase in the scholarship for the second course, by accessing their personal page, will see a double result: the first relating to the scholarship application for the first course and the other relating to the request for an increase for the second course declared in the application. With regard to the increase, they may be “winner” or "excluded" with an indication of the reason for exclusion

Students who are eligible unassigned for the scholarship are automatically eligible unassigned for the 20% increase for the second course.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 09 January 2024

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