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2021/22 scholarship and accommodation service: definitive ranking lists for first year international students with requirements at 28 February 2022

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Data di creazione: 15 March 2022

On 15 March 2022 at 12 o’clock Italian time (noon), EDISU publishes the definitive ranking lists for first year international students who applied for 2021/22 scholarship with requirements at 28 Feb. 2022 and were excluded in the 15 Dec. 2021 ranking list for one ore more of the following motivations: “No visa”,  “Not enrolled on declared degree course in Piemonte”, “Enrolment at University not completed yet”, “Missing/incomplete Consular Documents”,  “Missing ISEE/ISP” or “values Missing ISEE/ISP values”.


Login to the Online Services and click on the link “Elaborated ranking list” in the box “Scholarship, accommodation service, food service”.
Students may result winner or excluded.

  • WINNERS: students meet requirements.

First instalment is paid starting from the end of March for students who submitted their IBAN within 14/3/2022. For students who did not submit the IBAN by 14/3/2022 there will be further payment rounds in the following months.

Please note that the payment of the instalment is the deed with which Edisu disposes the provision of the instalment. The sum of money will be available in the students’ bank account or card during the following month, depending on the timing of the credit institutions.

  • EXCLUDED: students do not meet the requirements; reasons for the exclusion are listed beside the outcome.



All the students who meet the requirements for the accommodation service will be set in a scrolling ranking list as specified at the art. 33 par. 3 of the notice of competition. Students can check the scrolling ranking list in their personal page of the EDISU website in the scholarship ranking list page clicking on scrolling ranking list link.

Students who submitted the declaration of house rental to communicate their house rental contract, that lasts at least 10 months from September 2021 to September 2022, will run for the non-resident scholarship amount.

If a place gets free during the year, those students can be called for the check-in. We remind that if students refuse the accommodation service, they keep the non-resident scholarship amount. 


Ultimo aggiornamento: 23 March 2022

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