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FAQ Halls of residence

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Find out immediately the information on the subject Halls of residence with the FAQ.

The FAQ does not replace the Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website.


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How many beds are available in EDISU Halls of Residence?

The number of the sleeping accomodation number 2020/2021:

  1. Torino/Grugliasco: 1911
  2. Alessandria: 23
  3. Cuneo: 24
  4. Novara: 93
  5. Vercelli: 48

Where are the Halls of Residence located?

Halls of Residence are located in Torino, Cuneo, Grugliasco (TO), Novara and Vercelli. For more information, please visit Location/Contacts.

Which services do the Halls of Residence offer?

Halls of Residence offer single, double and triple rooms accommodations and different internal services depending on the residence (day/night surveillance, linen provisioning and periodical change, common kitchens, laundry and ironing rooms, pay phone, gyms, common and multifunctional rooms, bicycle parking, Internet connection etc.)

There are available single rooms for disabled students.

Are there apartments too?

In Torino, Fondazione Saracco is arranged in apartments. For more information, please visit Apartments Fondazione Saracco.

Do rooms have private kitchen and bathroom?

Generally, rooms are equipped with shower room (with shower), fridge, Internet connection only via WiFi connection and TV connection. The equipment it depends on the characteristics of single buildings (e.g.some of them have kitchenette)

Are there common kitchens? What are they equipped with?

Most of the Hall of residences have common kitchens, except the ones which offer in room kitchenette. Kitchens have not dinnerware.

 Are there special rules and regulations that govern life in Residences? 

Yes, the rules of Hall of residences and the rules on services are available at EDISU Piedmont site.

How do I wash and iron clothes?

In each Hall of residence there are common areas dedicated to laundry and ironing services.

 Is there a closing time of the residence?

No, access is free for in house guests, while outside guests (visitors) can remain in the residence up to 12 pm.

 Have I to bring pots, dishes and linens?

The change of linen service is provided in all structures on a weekly basis and it is free.
The dishes and pots service is not provided, but in common kitchen, cabinets are available to keep your dishes.

 Can I make and receive calls?

You can receive calls in the room but you cannot make outgoing calls to the outside of the residence.


Where can I find the residence halls?

housing facilities, beds, city what services are available?

Utilities, security, supply and periodical change linen, communal kitchens, laundry, pay phones, gyms, halls and multipurpose bicycle parking, Internet.

How are the rooms?

Can I choose the room?

Single, double, triple, internal services

Equipment type covered you can't bring down comforters. There are pans, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, flatware, tablecloth.





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