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FAQ Entry in residence

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Find out immediately the information on the subject Entry in residence with the FAQ.

The FAQ does not replace the Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website.


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What do I have to submit for the award of the place?

The identity card and a passport photo. The non-EU students must also have a residence permit valid.

When can I get into the residence in case I win the accommodation service?

The competition notice annually indicates in the section allocation of the place, the dates of use and termination of the benefit, for each type of condition (subsequent confirmations year/early years/ doctorates and graduate schools).

See Section IX, Article 34, comma 1 of the Competition notice.

I'm a winner of place. Can I choose in which hall of residence to stay? 

No, EDISU Piedmont assigns the places; but you can express a preference.

Can I get into the Hall of residence after the dates set out in notice of competition?

Yes, by filling and sending the extension form available in the "forms" section by the deadline specified on the form.

Why the preference expressed at the time of acceptance was not respected?

At the time of acceptance, you are asked to make preferences, which, as such, are not binding for EDISU. The assignments must observe predetermined criteria as provided by No. 41 of 24.05.2016.

What should I do if I cannot present myself to the allocation of place by the date and time specified?

For all students contacted for the place that may not present for assigning by the dates and times indicated, it is possible to request an extension by a form.


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