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Family hospitality and more

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The service

In our manned university residences you can host your family and friends for short periods (no more than14 days).
There is a charge for hospitality.


Who can apply for it?

  • students who have won a place to stay
  • guests in one of our long-therm paid residences. 



The host facilities are located inTurin and several cities in Piedmont, in the vicinity of the universities and have varous in-house facilities.
Accommodation is provided in single, double and triple rooms according to availability of places at the time.
Single rooms are available for disabled users.
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For further information about University Halls of Residence, consult the related page Halls of residence.


How to book your stay

Fill out the guest reservation form and send it to <Booking form guests>, and send it by e-mail to: 


You have to send the booking form guests three days before the date required for the stay.


How you can contact us

Accomodation by reservation
University guesthouse

To receive information

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