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Publication of 2020 rental fees refund outcomes

Contenuti principali della pagina

Data di creazione: 15 July 2021


From noon (12 o’clock) on 15 July 2021, you can see the results of your request for the reimbursement of 2020 rents.

How to consult

You can access the outcomes by logging in to the Online Services using your PIN, SPID or Temporary Code and password; then, click on “Elaborated ranking list” in the box “Refund – Canone Locazione”.


Legend of results

Potrai risultare vincitore o escluso:

  • WINNER: you meet the requirements set by the Notice and the provided documents are suitable; hence, you can get the refund.
    In the ranking list you will see:
  1. The amount calculated by Edisu for the refund according to the  correct documentation submitted
  2. The assigned amount equal to 46,386584% of the calculated amount, due to the applied reduction according to the available funds
  • EXCLUDED: you do not meet requirements and/or the documents you provided are not suitable; hence, you cannot get the refund.
    In the ranking list you will see the explanation concerning the exclusion.


In case of exclusion for:

  • “The student won another non-resident contribution, incompatible with this benefit (art. 2)”
  • “The submitted ISEE does not meet the requirements at art. 3 of the notice”
  • “The enrolment period or the university the students is enrolled in does not meet the requirements at art. 2 of the notice”

documents concerning the rental agreement or the rent receipts haven’t been checked and there isn’t any result about them.



Payment will be in August for IBAN submitted in the online procedure within 31 July


Ultimo aggiornamento: 02 September 2021

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