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List of agreemen CAAF a.y. 2017/18

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Data di creazione: 04 September 2017

The list of CAAF Offices (Authorized Center for fiscal Assistance) under agreement with EDISU Piemonte 2017/18  is now available on our website.

Who is interested

The CAAF offices on the list under agreements with EDISU return the parsed isee "ISEE parificato" to students with incomes and assets abroad. 

Otherwise, the other students can go to any italian CAAF office. 

See also our Faq about ISEE universitario.




Attention! Please read the information below.

EDISU informs you that Studio Catalano (CAAF CGN – Centro Servizi FISCALI studio CATALANO, Via C. NIGRA 44/F – TORINO) does not belong anymore to the list of CAAF with an agreement with EDISU.

Only if you made yourISEE Parificato” in Studio Catalano, please contact EDISU Piemonte to this address

As regards CAAF CISL – only for branches in Torino, we inform you that the contact person in our list is wrong. Please, contact Mister S. CURCIO (Mobile +39 320.08.70.040; Mail: Please, do not contact anymore Mister L. Orsi.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 22 January 2019

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