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Data di creazione: 25 May 2024
The last event takes on the topic of circular economy, addressing three main pillars: reducing consumption, reusing materials and recycling at the end of their useful lifetime. 
Speaker 1 | prof Simona Rapposelli 
Associate professor at the Department of Pharmacy at Università di Pisa
Lorenzo Raffellini, phD
Ph.D. student in Science of Drug and Bioactive Substances at the department of pharmacy at Università di Pisa. Speech on “Circular economy: from waste material to valuable ingredients”
Speaker 2 |dr Vittoria Bresci
Geographer, project manager and volunteer at GreenTo - Legambiente Torino, title of the speech to be defined
Speaker 3 |dr Daniela Bergamotti
Environmental Communication Specialist - Eduiren (TBC), title of the speech to be defined
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Workshop conducted by A come Ambiente
Credits ESN Torino 

Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 May 2024

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