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Definitive classification lists for international mobility grant 2021 for projects 2021/22

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Data di creazione: 24 November 2021

Starting from 24 November 2021 at noon the outcomes of the definitive classification lists of international mobility grant 2021, reserved for students taking part in special projects as per art. 1 paragraph 1 of the notice of competition, are available on the online services of the students.


In order to check your result you have to log into your personal page of Edisu Online Services and to enter in the section “Previous years benefits



You may result winner or excluded.
  • VINCITORE/WINNER: you meet the requirements and, if you are abroad already, you will receive the first installment in the end of December 2021. Otherwise you will have to wait for the payment flows that we will carry out in the following months. Please verify if you inserted on your personal page Edisu a valuable IBAN code associated to a bank account in your name
  • ESCLUSO/EXCLUDED: you do not meet the requirements


Ultimo aggiornamento: 14 December 2021

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