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Find out immediately the information on the subject Tourist Tax  - Holiday Homes with the FAQ.

The FAQ does not replace the Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website.


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What is the tourist tax? 

The tourist tax was released by Turin Municipality according to art. 4 of the Decree- Law n.23 of 14 March 2011.

The tourist tax was introduced by deliberation of the City Council (Consiglio Comunale) and subsequent modifications and supplements.
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Starting on what date has been applied? 

The tourist tax has been applied from 2 April 2012.

Who should pay it?

Everyone staying in one of the accommodation facilities in Turin Municipality.

How much is it? 

It is 2.30 euros per person per night, until a maximum of seven consecutive days.

Does the tourist tax grant any exemptions? 

Yes, people exempting from paying the tourist tax are:

  • Children until 12 years old;
  • Bus drivers or tour guide of an organized group. One bus driver and one tour guide every 20 participant are exempt from paying the tourist tax;
  • Sick people and the helpers of inpatients at healthcare facilities. Two helpers every each inpatient are exempt from paying tourist tax. The helper has to fill a self-declaration form;
  • School children and visiting university students accommodated at the halls of residence;
  • Visitors following measures adopted by public authorities;
  • Volunteers, during calamity or natural disasters;
  • Accommodation facilities staff staying in the accommodation facilities.


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