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Scholarship 2019/2020 first years: postponement of terms for revocation

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Data di creazione: 01 September 2020

With the determination of the Director n. 477/2020 of 08/26/2020 Edisu Piemonte acknowledges the provisions of the DGR of the Piedmont Region no. 44 -1864 of 07 August 2020 in which art. 6 paragraph 3 of DPCM April 9, 2001 in the possibility of postponing, in exceptional cases, the deadline for obtaining the minimum levels of merit necessary to avoid the revocation of the scholarship for students enrolled in the first year.

The epidemiological emergency situation from Covid-19 is identified as an exceptional case.

Therefore, for students awarded the Scholarship 2019/2020, the date in article 12 paragraph 4 of the 2019/2020 call for applications "Merit requirements for maintaining only the first installment" differs exclusively from 30 November 2020 as of February 28, 2021 this means that:

Students who have won the Scholarship 2019/2020 can maintain the right to the first installment of the scholarship by earning at least 20 credits on 28/02/2021, and it is also necessary that on the same date the credits are duly registered.



Ultimo aggiornamento: 01 March 2021

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