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Canteen service application

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Data di creazione: 07 October 2021
From today, the 7th of October, the online procedure for requesting access to the canteen service is active.

Since the Piedmont Region is completing the procedure for the approval of the new Regulation, the old Regulation will be used until the date of the new deliberation.

Regarding the economic data required for the subscriction of the ISEE Universitario/Parificato, we inform you that the the modalities for the calculation of the ISEE certificate are the same reported in the Notice of competition 2021/22:
  • The ISEE Universitario must be issued starting from 1st January 2021
  • The ISEE Parificato must be issued during 2021, and the consular documents must be completed in every part, as it is written in the article 30 of the Notice of competition 2021/22.
Please notice that consular documents must be issued, translated and legalized in 2021.
For further information, check the Guidelines for international students.


Ultimo aggiornamento: 07 October 2021

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