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Refund travel expenses 2017/18

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Data di creazione: 09 November 2017

If you are a student guest of the Hall of residence Villa Claretta in Grugliasco and attend a study course in Turin, you may require the refund of the amount of difference between the suburban annual subscription (10 or 12 months) or different specific tariff and the urban equivalent.

So provide the Notice of competition scholarships and housing service a.a. 2017/18, art. 34 paragraph 1.

How to apply

  • Go to the Hall of residence Villa Claretta Manager office showing and
  • give:
    -->> the  copy of the annual subscription- WHOLE CIRCUIT, urban+suburban (10 or 12 months)
    -->> the related payment receipt (or the copy of the purchase contract of the subscription in case of purchasing of the subscription with payment by installments).


The time limits are in the following table:

Refund tranches Requests deadlines
1ST tranche Nov 30,  2017
2ND tranche Mar, 31, 2018
3RD tranche June 30, 2018


Refund will be made through direct accreditation on c/c within the terms indicated in the following table:

Refund tranches Payment deadlines
1ST tranche By February 2018
2ND tranche Within May 2018
3RD tranche Within September 2018

Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 January 2018

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