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Hall of residence transfers: procedure in progress

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Data di creazione: 26 October 2017

From October 24, 2017 and until November 3 at noon will be opened the on line procedure to ask for a transfer of Hall of residence, as provided for in art. 34 paragraph 1.2 of the competition notice.

Please remember that, as established by the current guidelines for the sleeping accomodations assignation, EDISU will consider only and exclusively requests motivated by:

  • documented health or
  • personal safety reasons.

How to do it?

You need to complete the procedure on your personal EDISU page in EDISU Online Services (by going to the section  --> Elaborata in graduatoria --> Trasferimenti), expressing only one choice for both the <Hall of residence> and <The type of room>. Please remember that it is mandatory to include the motivation.

Which do you choose?

  • Students enrolled in the first year of Master's Degree and subsequent years may apply for any Hall of Residence
  • students enrolled in a first year of Bachelor’s degree or laurea a ciclo unico may only apply for transfer to another Hall of Residence with a H24 Surveillance Service .

EDISU reserves of evaluate the reached request.

Guarded and no - guarded Halls of residence

Guarded ones
Borsellino Cappel Verde Cavour Olimpia Carlo Mollino Paoli San Liborio 1 San Liborio 2 Verdi  Villa Claretta (Grugliasco)
No - guarded ones
Cercenasco Giulia di Barolo Saracco Palazzo degli Stemmi Turati 




Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 January 2018

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