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Data di creazione: 23 June 2023


What is that?

The 2023 Certificazione Unica (Single Certification) is the document that contains all the payments you received in tax year 2022.


What is it for?

The amounts must be included only in the ISEE Universitario/ISEE Parificato certificates which are issued starting from the 1st January 2024, otherwise it will have to be submitted to EDISU Piemonte with the consular documents for the calculation of the ISEE Parificato starting from the 1st January 2024.
The amounts are tax-exempt incomes: therefore, they are not relevant for the purposes of the 2023 tax declaration.
Remember, however, that this certification must be used for the scholarship application for the academic year 2024/25, whereas for the request for benefits in the academic year 2023/24 you will need to use the 2022 Certificazione Unica (Single Certification), which is already available in your Sportello Online/Personal page in the section entitled “Payments certification”.
These incomes must not be included in the tax declaration and they do not affect the maximum income
threshold not to be exceeded in order to be "fiscally dependent


How do I get it?

The 2023 Certificazione Unica can be downloaded from the Sportello Online/Personal page, in the section entitled “Payments certification” (page 4, section “Other data”, “Redditi esenti/Tax-exempt incomes”; points 468 and 469). and it is available starting from the 22nd June 2023.
Please remember that, if you do not find the 2023 Certificazione Unica in your online personal page, this means that the payment of the scholarship instalment took place in the fiscal year 2023 and, therefore, you will find it in the 2024 Certificazione Unica that will contain incomes delivered in 2023.
Important for the ones who have stayed in EDISU residences
We remind you that the amount of the accomodation possibly reduced from the gross amount of the scholarship as a Fuori Sede (non-resident) student can be deducted (detrazione IRPEF) to the 19% with the code “18” in 2023 tax declaration. The receipts are kept in the Student Office and you can get yours by opening a ticket in the ISEE/Economic Requirements section to book a date in order to collect it.



These are tax-exempt incomes (they must not be included in the 2023 income tax declaration); You will have to include them in the ISEE certificate which you can request starting from 1 st January 2024.

If during your university degree you took part in part-time collaborations (200 hours) at EDISU and the payment for the collaboration was arranged in tax year 2021, then you must download the 2022 Certificazione Unica (Single Certification) from the Sportello Online/Personal page.
If you do not have the credentials for entering the EDISU webpage, you must request the SPID (Sistema pubblico di Identità Digitale/Public System for Digital Identification). You can request it at the following link:
Further specific information can be requested by contacting EDISU using the Ticketing Service ONLY. The Ticketing Service is available and information about the Certificazione Unica can be found in the section “ISEE/ECONOMIC REQUIREMENTS”. In case you have questions, you can open a ticket and an operator will answer them.


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