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What is meant by the dregree award

The Degree Award 2019/20 is a grant provided by EDISU for students who were “winner” of EDISU Scholarship in a. y. 2018/19 and graduate within 31 July 2019 (of the final year of their course).

Who can apply

The degree award is a grant given to who:

  • won EDISU scholarship in 2018/19 and
  • achieve the degree within 31 July 2019, during the last regular year of enrollment.


The application must be filled out and transmitted exclusively online. The procedure is available on the personal pages of students’ EDISU Online services.


The amount of the degree award is half of the scholarship amount 2018/19. The value of the accommodation service is not considered.


The application procedure will be activated on 15 January 2020, and the deadline is on 18 February 2020 at noon.


The results are published the personal pages of students’ EDISU online services in the following dates:

  • 13 March 2020 at noon: provisional outcomes;
  • From 13 March to 27 March 2020 at noon: complaints;
  • 13 May 2020 at noon: definitive outcomes.


Students who win the degree awards will receive the payment from the end of May 2020.


Notice of competition

Notice of competition 2019_20
Certification list 
Read it for articles >> Bando Unico 2019/2020



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