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Here you can find FIND ANSWERS service containing FAQs related to:

  • ISEE and Economic Verifications
  • Revocations
  • Scholarship and Accommodation Service (the section is divided by topics and by student types and there are topics about international students – EU and Extra-EU – and about students with disabilities
  • Food Service
  • International mobility grant
  • Extraordinary contributions
  • Regional Tax for the right to university study
  • Regional Tax for Professional qualification


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Read the FAQs of this site

Are you a student hosted in a residence or waiting for assignment?
►  Go to the FAQs about Hall of residences

Are you hosted in one of our Hall of residences and you need emotional and psicological support?
►  Go to the FAQs about Residenza ascolta

Are you a professor, a researcher or a private and you are interested in booking a room to stay?
►  Go to the FAQs Accomodation by reservation

Are you interested in the Holiday service?
►  Go to the FAQs about Holiday Home

Would you like to play sport?
►  Go to the FAQs about Sport and cultural activities

Are looking for information concerning the study Halls? Do you need to rent a book for your university studies?
►  Go to the FAQs about Study Halls
►  Go to the FAQs about Lending books service

Do you need a doctor, or information about health assistance?
►  Go to the FAQs Healtcare assistance information

Are you looking for a event Hall?
► Go to the FAQs about Event halls

Do you need about something else?
► Go to the FAQs about Other informations


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