Regional fee for professional enabling

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This is a regional fee that should be paid by students whose academic program requires the professional enabling, and have completed their studies in one of the Piedmontese Universities. 

The student have to prove the payment of the fee during the delivery of the degree certificate or, for professions which requires the inscription to an professional register, during the inscription to the register.

The fee (amount € 103,29, headed to EDISU Piemonte, Via Madama Cristina 83, 10126, Torino) can be:

  • transferred to EDISU bank account, IBAN code IT 15 L 02008 01033 000040788468, specifying the causal payment "Tassa di abilitazione professionale", the Piedmontese University where the student achieved the degree and the name and surname of the interested person;
  • postal bill, C/C N° 17823105, motivation "tassa di abilitazione professionale" (tax for licensed careers) and the Piedmontese University where the student achieved the degree.

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