Food Services

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Food services consist of canteens and substitute canteen's services by retailers who have an agreement with EDISU.

This service is with fees. There are 5 discounted and 1 full fares, in effect since 1 October 2017 (Regolamento servizio ristorazione 2017/18 - art. 2, comma 1).
The fares applied (full or reduced) are differentiated according to economic and merit conditions of the student.

Income conditions


Bracket 1 until to 23.000,00 euros until to 50.000,00 euros
Bracket 2 from 23.001,00 to 27.500,00 euros from  50.001,00 to  60.000,00 euros
Bracket 3 from 27.501,00 to 38.500,00 euros from  60.001,00 to 84.000,00 euros
Bracket 4

from 38.501,00 to 56.500,00 euros

from 84.001,00 to 121.000,00 euros

Bracket 5 from  56.501,00 to 88.000,00 euros from 121.001,00 to 180.000,00 euros

Merit condition

In order to have access to food service, students enrolled in successive years must have achieved, at the moment of the application, at least 15 credits during the previous 12 months. Those credits have to be certified during the online application. Students enrolled part-time must have achieved at least 7 credits.

The reduction for Food Service, can be provided for legal duration of the course, plus 3 years.
First year students are not bound by any merit requirements.



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