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You have selected the page Food services. Please note that information does not replace the contents of the Notice of competition and/or official documents on EDISU services that you can download from the website. 

Target of service

The service is targeted to all the students (Italian and international) enrolled for the a.y. 2018/2019 in the universities listed in the regulation: Food service regulation_2018_2019

How is it organised?

The service is organised in canteens and alternative services (upon agreement with EDISU, for those students attending courses where there are no canteens).


The service is upon payment. There are 5 reduced price brackets and 1 full price bracket, as of 01/10/2018 (Food service regulation_2018_2019 art. 2).
Here are the requirements that need to be met in order to use the service.

Income requirements

Bracket 1 up to 23.253,00 € up to 50.550,00 €
Bracket 2 from 23.254,00 to 27.802,00 € from  50.551,00 to  60.660,00 €
Bracket 3 from 27.803,00 to 38.923,00 € from  60.661,00 to 84.924,00 €
Bracket 4

from 38.924,00 to 57.121,00 €

from 84.925,00 to 122.331,00 €

Bracket 5 from  57.122,00 to 88.968,00 € from 122.332,00 to 181.980,00 €

Merit requirements

In order to use the reduced price bracket, at the time of the application, students enrolled in successive years have to meet a “merit condition”, required for the previous 12 months. You can find the merit requirements in the table below.

Nuovo ordinamento, Unversity system established with Ministerial Decree DM 22/10/2004 n.270, (D.M. 3 novembre 1999 n. 509) 15 CFU
Vecchio ordinamento, University system established before the Ministerial Decree D.M. 3/11/1999 n. 509) 2 exams in a year
Part-time students 7 CFU

The reduction for the Food Service can be provided for the legal duration of the course, plus 3 years.
First year students and disabled students (with certified disability percentage equal or higher than 66%, or disability certified by art. 3 paragraphs 1 and/or 3, Law 104/1992) are not bound by any merit requirement.



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