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EDISU Piedmont

EDISU Piedmont, Regional Agency for the Right to Education of Piedmont, has been created with regional law on March 18 1992 No. 16 as amended by Law No 10 of 2014, to foster the access and attendance to university studies in favour of capable and worthy students although without economic means, within the competences attributed by the Italian legislation to the State, Region and Universities regarding the right to university studies (Decreto lgs.n.68/2012).

EDISU Piedmont arranges its own actions by offering services aimed to ease the studies, the attendance and the every day life for the students, whit the aim of reducing the inequality in access to university studies.

Between the services, are included those granted by contest based on specific criteria defined by the appropriated notices of competition, and those arranged for all the students, such as the food services, the study halls and computer rooms  and further initiatives. 




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