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It’s an amount of money, paid in two installments, given by public competition to students who are enrolled in a University of Piedmont and meet the economic and merit requirements specified in the Notice of Competition 2017/18.

The information available here do not replace the contents of the Notice of Competition and other regulations.

After the coming into force of new laws, new rules have been introduced in the new Notice of Competition 2017/18. Some concern normative aspects, other procedural aspects.

Competition announcement with hyperlinking index

For an easier reading you can consult the Competition Announcement for the accommodation service degree award a.y. 2017/2018 with an hyperlinking index, in order to reach faster the paragraphs of interest.

Normative news

  • Extra-EU students, whose families reside abroad and who are not hosted in an Edisu residence, can concur for the non-resident amount of scholarship if and only if they declare a contract of house rental (art. 5, art. 8 par. 2, art. 31 par. 11).
  • A deduction of 75€, not 150€, is automatically deducted from the scholarship amount of students who apply for a further semester. The deduction is intended as a contribution for the restaurant service (art. 5).
  • The “Renato Einaudi” option remains for successive year students who were already hosted in the Renato Einaudi college in 2016/17, but it is now extended to first year students (art. 33 par. 5).

Procedural news

  • Students who apply with an User Code 2017/18 must transmit the application exclusively online, they do not have to send the request by post anymore (art. 7 par. 2).
  • Students can access to their personal page of EDISU Online Services with the SPID code (“Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale”), along with the User Code or the PIN code (art. 7 par. 1).
  • Non-resident students can add the accommodation application up to 7 September 2017 at noon with the button “Add the accommodation”, even if the scholarship application has been already transmitted (art. 7 comma 5.1).
  • Students who applied just for the seventh semester of bachelor degree, but who meet the requirements to apply for the seventh semester of bachelor degree and the first year of master degree, can add the application for the first year of master degree up to 28 September 2017 at noon with the button “Add the first year of master degree”  (art. 15 par. 3).
  • During the completion of the “Economic data” section of the application, students must specify exclusively the protocol number and the date of issue of the “ISEE per prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario”: Edisu will recover the data automatically from the INPS database (art. 6).
  • Students enrolled in first years, who achieve and register at least 20 credits within 10 August 2018 (for the payment of the second installment of scholarship) do not have to declare their merit requirements anymore: Edisu will assess the credits directly with the universities, and the outcome of these assessments will be published on the student’s personal page of EDISU Online Service (art. 9 par. 2.1).


The application instructions for the scholarship and the accommodation service are available in the following pages.

Students who meet the economic and merit requirements must apply with an User Corde 2016/17, a SPID code or a PIN code within the deadlines.

For every benefit, EDISU publishes a provisional and a definitive classification list. Students can check their results on their personal pages of EDISU Online Services.

Students who applied for an accommodation must accept it online (if they are winner) or express their interest (if they are eligible).

More information are available in the booklet “Step by step primi anni”, “Step by step anni successivi” and “Step by step extra-UE”.



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