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Data di creazione: 28 May 2019

Please be aware that with the last call for scrolling the list only for assigning bed we arrived (28/05/2019) at the following locations: 

  • In the last scroll we finished the ranking for the Successive Years;
  • nr 952 (male) and 934 (female) for the First Years EU;
  • nr 143 (male) and 160 (female) for the First Years ExtraEU. 

Calls for breaks are made respecting the allocation of the number of beds in competition provided by the guidelines referred to in the resolution of the Board of Directors of 13/09/2017:

  • 85% assigned to the Successive Years,
  • 15% assigned to the First Years (with a further 15% reserve in favor of ExtraUE Students)

Want to know if you are between students that will can enter the Halls of Residence? Access to the Online service in your personal pages and check your ranking based on the locations above. If so, you should receive a confirmation email.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 10 June 2019

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