List of CAAF upon agreement 2019/2020

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Data di creazione: 01 July 2019

The list of CAAF offices agreed upon by EDISU Piemonte for the a.y. 2019/2020 is available.


Who needs it

It concerns students who must request the elaboration of the ISEE Parificato certificate in a CAAF office agreed upon by EDISU Piemonte, such as:

  • Students with EXTRA-EU citizenship, whose family (or part of it) resides abroad;
  • Students who are EU citizens, and whose family resides abroad (not in Italy);
  • Italian students, in case a member of their family unit listed in the Registry Office family composition certificate resides abroad (for instance, a sibling living abroad who is not listed in the AIRE registry).

Other students, on the contrary, can contact any CAAF office in Italy.



  • You can request the ISEE Parificato certificate only in affiliated CAAF offices!
  • In August some CAAF offices are closed or have reduced working hours!
  • The elaboration of the ISEE certificate is not immediate!




Ultimo aggiornamento: 06 September 2019

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