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Hospitality in hotels and non-hotels

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Thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed with Federalberghi Torino, the supply of beds in Turin, which has been reduced as a result of the measures taken to contain the Covid 19 pandemic, has been supplemented with new beds at associated hotel and non-hotel facilities that have agreed to provide university hospitality at reduced rates.


Who is it for 

Hospitality is aimed at eligible non - resident female students and students on the waiting list.


Hotel and non-hotel facilities associated with Federalberghi Torino

The accommodation facilities which adhere to the agreement are duly authorised in accordance with RL no. 3/2015 or RL no. 13/2017 in the classification level referring to the performance and quality of the services, as well as the facilities and equipment offered by the facility.

The accommodation facilities apply the CCNL Turismo - Federalberghi or Terziario - Confcommercio.

Below is a list of the facilities that have made themselves available in Turin. By clicking on the individual structures you can consult the information sheets on the type of service offered and the contact details.


How to access the service

Interested students can contact the relevant establishments directly to check availability.


The service

The terms and conditions of accommodation (e.g. type of room, internal services, rates per bed, additional services...) vary from facility to facility and are defined by the parties involved (hotel/extra hotel and guest) through the stipulation of the relevant contract.

As out-of-town students they are not subject to the payment of the tourist tax as per the City of Turin Regulations.

The accommodation facility will issue the guest with a declaration of domicile for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements for obtaining the study grant as an off-campus student.

For information or

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