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Smart Card with or without chip

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You have selected the page Smart CardPlease note that information does not replace the content of Notices of competition and official documents regulating the EDISU service and that you can download from the website. 


Smart card with or without electronic wallet unified with the Piedmontese University system

Piedmontese Universities issue Smart cards at the time of the enrolment.

The Universities providing

The Universities providing students with smart cards at the time of the enrolment are the following ones:

The Smart card is featured by a personal photo and a microchip. 
By using your smart card you can access to university canteens (Torino, Grugliasco, Alessandria) and canteens' alternative services (Torino and Piedmont).



Every smart card has an electronic rechargeable purse to pay the meal.
By checking the receipt issued by smart card reader, you can verify the type of meal consumed (full, mini, à la carte) and the residual credit in your electronic purse.
No other method of payment is allowed (no cash, no credit card, and no debit card).

In order to avoid any damage to the microchip of the card, you should keep the Smart card carefully.


The recharge

You need to recharge your smart card periodically, at any smart card recharging point. 
In case you do not recharge your smart card, or in case you do not have enough credit in it, it is not possible to consume the meal.

Smartcard Recharging points


You can also pay for your meal in the canteens with our app!

Download the CAMPUS PIEMONTE ID app by following the instructions on this page




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► How to recharge Smart card 


Smart card EDISU

It is possible to issue a Smart card also for the students having the swipe ID card.

  • EDISU Smart card has an electronic wallet and you can use it to pay the meal. It is possible to recharge the electronic wallet at any recharging point
  • EDISU Smart card card allows you to access to every university canteen as well as canteens’ alternative services in Turin and Piedmont.


Smart Card malfunctioning and loss/theft

Smart card EDISU

In case of malfunctioning, you must open a Ticket to take an appointment to our desks to eventually issue the duplicate.
In case of loss/theft, you must open a Ticket to take an appointment to our Students' Office of Via Giulia di Barolo 3/bis.

You will have to pay 5,00 euros to issue the duplicate, therefore you must

Smart card unified with the Piedmontese University system

In these cases you have to relate to the Registrar’s Office of your University. 


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