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How to recharge Smart Card

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If you take advantage of the food service in the canteen or in alternative services, it may be useful to know where to top up your smart card in an easy way.

See the information below to find the most suitable place.


Online recharging

News 2019!

From today you can top up your e-wallet on your Smart Card at our online services connecting with your PC, tablet or smartphone. 

How to do it

  • access to the voice Food Services 
  • remember to always have your username and password with you.
  • the recharge can be made for a value between 5.00 and 70.00 euors (again for multiples of 5.00 euros)
  • you can use Bancomat, Credit card and Rechargeable cards
  • once you have recharged online, transfer it to the smart card at the self service totem that you find in the canteen.


Transfer your recharge to the smart card

This precaution will be remembered twice in the online charging process with the following message:"ATTENTION all online recharges to be used must be transferred to the smart card through the appropriate function on the charging boxes placed in university canteens ".

The gradual transition to the totally online procedure is useful for monitoring the initial effectiveness of the new procedure and understanding which aspects to correct to give you a better service.
When the self service boxes will be permanently discontinued and the procedure will therefore be exclusively online, we will inform you promptly on this web site and on social media.




Recharge at the recharging points

To recharging it follow these instructions

  • It can be carried out at any charging point;
  • It can be done for the amounts (in euros) of 5.00 - 10.00 - 15.00 - 20.00 - 25.00 - 30 (maximum loadable)
  • It can also be recharged by credit card or debit card at the Orbassano, Castelfidardo and Camplus Universitario Lingotto.


Remember it!

At the charging points you can also update the meal rate on your smart card.




Recharge your smart card periodically

It is important to do it in order to have enough credit on the card to pay for the meal.

Otherwise (you do not top up or do it as a credit below the chosen meal rate) you cannot eat your meal in canteens and alternative services.


ATTENTION: If you have a Smart Card without elettronic whallet, you do not need to go to the totems to credit the top-up made online.



Ultimo aggiornamento: 17 May 2021

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