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Card balance and credit back

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Has your smart card (or swipe ID Card) been substituted? Recharging errors? 

It is possible to request for the recredit of the amount in the electronic wallet of the card.


How to do it? 

On the following days, check your balance on the smart card at the totem in the canteen through the menu "Sums to be credited".
Be careful to always leave the smart card inserted in the totem until the end of the operations.

What to do after 7 days

If 7 days have passed the problem has not been resolved, proceed as follows: 


You will receive an email informing you that the application has been received.
 The conclusion of the possible re-credit procedure will be communicated to you with a new email and will be carried out within 60 days from the request.
The accreditation will be done with the methods selected in the form.


Are you at the end of your university career?

Any refund procedure will be carried out within 60 days of the request.

The credit will be made with the methods selected in the form.


Something still not clear?

► Go to Ticketing service



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