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Coronavirus COVID 19: our updates in chronological order

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Updates on activity and service planning in relation to COVID-19 Coronavirus containment and prevention measures.
We therefore recommend that you consult the site frequently.
In order to keep up to date with the situation and for prevention advice, 
we suggest you consult it frequently:

 ► Read the FAQ - Green Certification COVID-19 (

Download the communicate

What preventive measures should be implemented?


[Update of 3 May 2022]

On the basis of the guidelines approved by the Co.Re.Co. on 02/05/2022, for access to Canteens and Study rooms:
  • a green pass is no longer required
  • capacities may be restored to 100%
  • in the Study Rooms, a mask (surgical or FFP2) must still be worn


[Update 4 April 2022].

From 1 April 2022, the surgical mask is sufficient for access to EDISU study rooms; FFP2 is no longer compulsory.


[Update 14 February 2022]

Guesthouse service (Foresteria): active again




[Update 11 January 2022]

In accordance with the Co.Re.Co.'s decision of 7 January 2022, the study rooms will remain openbut, in order to reduce the possibility of contagion, users are requested to wear FFP2 masks and strictly observe safety protocols.

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[Update 9 January 2022]

According to Decree Law No. 229 of 30 December 2021, from 10 January 2022, access to and stays in hotels and other accommodation facilities are subject to possession of the so-called "Green Pass Rafforzato"



[Update 17 October 2021]

Covid 19: EDISU Piemonte Residences Guidelines (new)


[Update 17 September 2021]

Covid-19: EDISU Piemonte Residences Guidelines

We publish the residences_guidelines_Covid-19 in force in the residences as regards the emergency protocols from Covid 19 that provide important information in relation to the behaviors to be followed to access the residence safely.

The document is subject to periodic revisions in relation to what national and local regulations provide.


[Update 1 September 2021]

According to the Co.Re.Co. GUIDELINES in application of the Law Decree N.111 of 6 August 2021, from 01.09.2021 until 31.12.2021, in order to access studyrooms and consume meals in canteens, you must have a Green Pass.


[Update 6 June 2021]

Curfew until midnight from June 7.


[Update 19 May 2021]

From the effective date (May 19) of DECRETO-LEGGE 18 maggio 2021, n. 65  through June 6, 2021, in the yellow zone, hourly travel limits shall begin at 11:00 p.m. and end at 5:00 a.m. the following day










[Update 05 January 2021]

DECRETO-LEGGE 5 gennaio 2021, n. 1 (Raccolta 2021) (GU Serie Generale n. 3 del 05-01-2021)


[Update 17 December 2020]

Christmas holidays calendar services 2020


[Update 17 December 2020]

Ranking list Bonus Credits Covid 19 (18 December 2020 at noon)



[Update 27 November 2020]

Piedmont Region in orange zone (27 November 2020)








[Update 18 October 2020]

DPCM 18 October 



[Update 14 October 2020]

Study Hall of Novara open


[Update 13 October 2020]

DPCM 13 October





[Update 25 June 2020]

New opening hours for Principe Amedeo canteen

From Thursday 25 June 2020, the opening hours of the Principe Amedeo university canteen change.

From Monday to Sunday: noon - 2.00 pm

From Monday to Saturday: 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm
Sunday: closed


Students' offices closed

The students' offices remain closed until the next updates.



[Update 19 June 2020]

From 19 June the Principe Amedeo canteen reopens

From Friday 19 June, the canteen Principe Amedeo reopens with the take away service.

In addition, payment of the meal with smart card via POS in all Residences is now available for delivery service.


[Update 4 June 2020]


From 3 June in Novara new takeaway food service

In Novara there is a new takeaway food service for students at the cafeteria inside the Maggiore hospital, in collaboration with Compass Group.

Local agreements in Novara that are functioning

  • Bar Green House, Corso Trieste 44/A - 44/B 
  • NUOVA SANTA LUCIA, Via Magnani Ricotti 15
    • the service is aimed at non-  resident students 
    • is active at lunch and dinner
    • on Saturdays, Sundays and midweek holidays



[Update 3 June 2020]

Alternative food services in Piedmont are resuming their activities from today.

Alternative services in Turin, on the other hand, are still suspended.



[Update 28 May 2020]

From Thursday, May 28th at lunchtime the food delivery arrives at the residence! 

On Joy Food App you can book your meal and choose the formula you prefer: take away Olimpia, take away Claretta and delivery residences (the latter is not active for students who can use the take away food service in the Olimpia and Villa Claretta canteens).
You can choose between single course and reduced A meal, first course and side dish.

You can pick up your meal at the time scheduled for your residence (in the case of take-away you can choose between different time options).

New delivery timetables

You can pay for your meal in cash - Cavour, Giulia, Paoli, Paoli, Turati, Verdi - or with your smart card (Borsellino, Cappel Verde, Codegone, Mollino, San Liborio.
Read the news



[Update 4 May 2020]

What is foreseen for university residences

In application of the provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26 April 2020 which officially opens phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency in our country, the President of EDISU Piemonte, Alessandro Sciretti, with a decree has defined the new provisions as regards the modalities of hospitality in university residences.

What changes since May 4

  • Returning in halls of residence

From 4 May 2020, they will be able to return to Residence exclusively the assignees of a bed in Residences that are in the following situations:

  • students, who document their participation in didactic activities, exercises, laboratories and traineeships activated by the Piedmontese Universities and which take place in attendance.
  • students who document that they are housed in precarious situations in the Piedmont Region and outside the family unit. Those who have completed their studies, and only the formal graduation announcement is missing, are excluded from returning. The return must be previously authorized by EDISU Piemonte. Return requests must be sent to
    It is confirmed that, with the exception of guests in the conditions referred to in the previous point, towards of all the other guests of the Residences, the prohibition to return to Residence established by the Decree of the President of EDISU Piedmont n ° 3 of 24 March 2020, is still in force.

How to apply for return?

By sending a request email to explaining your request.


Return mode

It must first be authorised in advance by EDISU Piemonte.

Guests admitted to return will be quarantined as a precaution in their assigned Residence, or if there are no structural conditions to guarantee the quarantine, also in other residences identified by the Administration.
The duration of the quarantine is 15 days.


Departures from residence

  • Guests can leave the residences, provided that their movement falls within those permitted by art. 1 paragraph 1 letter a) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26 April 2020. 
  • All students who have graduated and for whom 10 days of graduation have passed they may remain for a further 10 days after the date of communication of the offices, which will not occur before 7 days from the issue of this Decree, compatibly with the times necessary for the return and with the legal requirements or, alternatively, they must request a paid stay.
  • Students assigned bed places as last semester who did not request to stay in the structure beyond March 31, 2020 they must leave the residence within 10 days after the exit communication date given by the offices, which will not take place before 7 days from the issue of this Decree, alternatively, they must request a paid stay.

Students who have a job

Students who have a job can be transferred to one or more dedicated facilities.


Exits from residences

Outings are also permitted for the following reasons:

  • meeting with relatives, limited to the Piedmont Region, in compliance with the provisions of art. 1 letter a) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 26, 2020, with return to the residence on the same day and no overnight stay outside the residence. Those who stay outside the residence will no longer be able to return, until new arrangements are made;
  • individual or sporting activity, in compliance with the provisions of art. 1 letter f) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 26, 2020;
  • participation in training sessions of professional and non-professional athletes, in compliance with the provisions of art. 1 letter g) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 26, 2020.

Mode of exits

As for the other issues already provided by the Decree of the President of EDISU Piedmont n ° 3 of 24 March 2020, also in these cases each time the guest is absent he must fill in the exit / entry register, available at the entrance of the Residence indicating the date and time of entry / exit and the reason for the same. For the training sessions referred to in point c), the documentation of the sports club certifying participation in the training, must also be produced.



For those who live in Piedmont

The guests assigned bed places at the residences that have left the same and are staying in the Piedmont Region, can recover their personal belongings left in residence in the following ways:

  • the recovery must be previously authorized by EDISU Piemonte. Recovery requests should be sent to
  • once authorized, the guest goes to the residence, and after wearing the personal protective equipment provided by the staff, he goes directly to his room, where he collects the personal effects he intends to recover, as well as the boxing of those he intends to keep in residence. EDISU will supply the necessary boxes. By boxing, the guest authorizes EDISU Piedmont to move the boxes to another storage room, after filling in and signing the appropriate report indicating the number of boxes deposited.
  • Guests who believe they will no longer return to residence for the academic year 2019/2020 must completely free the room from their personal belongings, or they can ask to keep the boxes in the warehouses (at most n ° 4 as required by the regulation on the conservation of personal effects), defining the date by which they will collect the boxes. In this case the deposit will be retained until the boxes have been collected;
  • according to the regulation, in the case of deposit of boxes, their collection must always take place by 30 September 2020;
  • the recovery of personal belongings kept in the lockers of the common kitchens, will be carried out by the residence staff.

These provisions also apply to the recovery of personal effects by guests who, in accordance with this Decree, are authorized to return to a different residence from the one initially assigned.


What hasn't changed since May 4

  • The following provisions, contained in the Decree of the President of EDISU Piemonte n ° 3 of 24 March 2020, continue to apply:
    • The usage of the public kitchens is only allowed between 6.30 a.m. and 12.00 p.m., with half an hour of flexibility in order to prepare and eat meals. No other usage of the kitchen is allowed. Any kind of assembly is still forbidden, and we remind you to take proper turns using the kitchen.
    • Entering other students’ room is forbidden. The rooms are to be used by you had your roommate only, and you cannot have other people over, not ever for short periods of time.
    • It is forbidden to stop in the open-space common areas, such as hallways or stairs.
    • The meeting of more than two people in the snack areas is forbidden, and their usage is allowed for a maximum of two people at any given time, provided they keep the safety distance of one meter minimum. Users are supposed to stop for time necessary to buy the snacks.
    • The meeting of more than two people is forbidden in hallways, balconies, landings, stairs, laundry room, linen change. In case the presence of two people is necessary, they are to always keep the minimum safety distance of one meter between them.
    • The elevator usage is to be reduced to the cases in which it is strictly unavoidable, and in no cases the elevator can be used by more than one person at a time.
    • All students must remain in their designated floor and side (the one in which their room is), and may leave it only to make use of the available services, following the correct usage procedures and in the proper timetables. 
    • All students must be inside the residence by 11 p.m., with the exception of those who have proven work reasons not to be back by that time.
    •  It is strongly encouraged to only go out to buy supplies once per week and always during the day, in order to avoid meeting people and possible situation of contagion. You are invited to organize yourselves so that the exits are limited to the strictly unavoidable amount.
    •  Each time you leave the residence for any reason, you must fill in an in/out register, specifying the date, time of exit and comeback, and reason for your leaving.
    • You are allowed to exit for proven medical exams by exhibiting a booking form.
    • All communal areas are closed except kitchen, laundry and reception.
    • Guests and visitors are banned.
    • All residents are required to stay in the building and entrance is forbidden to people who are currently out of the residence until further notice from Edisu. 
    • Hospitality is suspended.
    • Scrolling of ranking positions and room exchange are suspended.
    • We ask you to abide by the rules in order to preserve public health and we remind you that non-compliance with the regulation will be sanctioned.

Exit for proven work reasons

  • You are allowed to exit for proven work reasons, provided you give to the residence managers via mail:
    • Your work contract, and a declaration from your employer, following the art.1 subsection 10 of the 11/03/2020 DPC, that you are unable to carry on with your job while smart-working from your home.
    • A declaration from your employer stating that he provided you a proper amount of the mandatory personal safety devices in order to have you carry on with your job in complete safety for you and for others.
    • A copy of your job’s weekly timetables.
    • In the event you are currently living with a roommate, it is possible you might be moved to a single room to furthermore reduce the contagion possibilities. Should a single room not available in your facility, it is possible that you might be moved to another one facility


Should the Piedmont Region adopt more restrictive measures than the provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26 April 2020, the application of the provisions of this decree shall be suspended, and the provisions of the Decree of the President of EDISU Piemonte No. 3 of 24 March 2020 shall be applied for the entire period of validity of the more restrictive measures adopted by the Piedmont Region.

Download Decree fase two (4 May) Presidente Sciretti



[Update 29 April]

Thanks to the agreement with the Compagnia San Paolo Foundation, the university residences are preparing to receive an endowment of 10 tablets with internal data SIM to enhance internet browsing during exams and graduation periods.

The tablets will be available to students who will use them on a rotating basis to allow all those who need them to use them.

For information on how to use them, please contact the reception of your residence after sending an email indicating the reason and time needed to use the tablet.


[Update 6 April]

We inform you that the first case of a positive student at Covid 19 in one of our residences was found today.

President Sciretti said about the incident: "I would like to reassure everyone: since the beginning of the emergency we have put in place all the preventive procedures indicated by the competent authorities and the positive student himself was already in preventive isolation as a precautionary measure. This episode makes us realise that the risk of contagion exists and that in community environments such as residences we need to be particularly vigilant. I therefore call on all students staying in residences to comply fully with national regulations and the rules of behaviour in residences".

All guest students have been informed of the incident and will be provided with the appropriate templates for use within the facilities according to the security protocol communicated to them.


[Update 1 April]

Live on the Facebook page in connection with the Olimpia University Residence, where the Cussian President Riccardo D’Elicio will personally deliver to the President Sciretti new sports mats for guests staying in the residences. Objective: to keep the practice of sports training alive even in a condition of forced isolation like the one we are all experiencing. Sport can be practiced anywhere, with a little adaptation and imagination, just a mat!

Follow the live broadcast here

Stationery, free laundry

  • In all the residences more than 2,000 stationery items were delivered, which had been requested by the students in order to cope with the supply difficulties linked to the particular moment of health emergency.
  • The washing machines can be used free of charge in all locations.



[Update 26 March 2020]

With Resolution 14 of March 23, 2020 was approved the right to stay free of charge until the end of the Coronavirus emergency - COVID 2019, even for students currently present in EDISU residences who have not requested to stay in the structure beyond March 31, 2020 and falling within the cases indicated in Resolution No. 14 of 19/02/2020.

Download Resolution_14_2020

The new model for self-declaration

The form to certify the movement to be presented in case of controls has been changed.

Download the new model for self-declaration (editable)


[Update 25 March]

The Ministry of the Interior has updated the model for self-declaration, according to the Dpcm of 22 March.

Download New model for self-declaration

Ratification of the decree of the President of EDISU containing the measures immediately operational in university residences, aimed at preventing the risk of coronavirus infection



[Update 22 March]

The President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, has signed the dpcm which introduces further measures on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19, applicable on the whole national territory.

Dpcm 22 March

The agreement was reached between EDISU Piemonte, Asl Vercelli and the Municipality of Vercelli to allocate the University Residence Quintino Sella to the hospitality of patients who have recovered or are waiting for a final recovery once discharged from the Sant'Andrea Hospital in Vercelli.

Following the availability ensured by the EDISU President Alessandro Sciretti, contacted in recent days by the Director General of the Local Health Authority of Vercelli Chiara Serpieri in agreement with the Mayor of Vercelli Andrea Corsaro, the availability of beds for the management of positive patients by COVID 19 during the hospitalization phase is thus 


[Update March 21]

It 's in the Official Gazette the government order of March 20 that introduces the new tightening to contain the contagion from coronavirus in light of the dramatic data of recent days.

Banned throughout Italy, among others, access to parks, villas, playgrounds and public gardens and play or recreation in the open air. It remains allowed to do motor activities near the house, provided that they are at least one meter away from any other person.

We reiterate our call to scrupulously abide by the directives imposed by the government and the sense of individual responsibility for the good and collective safety.

Download the ordinance of March 20

New timetables Olimpia canteen

Open every day from Monday to Sunday 12:30 am - 2:00 pm | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


[Update March 17]

New module in self-certification 

The Ministry of the Interior has made available in recent days the new self-declaration model to be used for travel. The form contains a new entry with which the person concerned must self-declare that they are not in the conditions provided for by art. 1, paragraph 1, letter c) of the D.P.C.M. 8 March 2020 which provides for a total ban on mobility from their home or residence for persons subject to quarantine or positive results to the virus "COVID-19").

Download the form

Read the Faqs of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers


Remember to always bring the completed form and identity card with you for each trip (e.g. to the Olimpia canteen).

We also remind you that, as specified in the circular of the Ministry of the Interior of 12 March 2020, as far as situations of necessity are concerned, travel is allowed for proven primary needs that cannot be postponed, for the food supply, or for the daily management of pets, or for outdoor sports and exercise activities, respecting the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.


[Update March 14]

Psychological support desk for students staying at the residences activated. Residence listen 
The Residenzascolta psychological support initiative for students of the Residences for the management of problems related to the current emergency has been activated.

The service makes use of the experience and expertise of psychology specialists.

To ask for psychological support

Contact cell. 375 522 8209 from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm.

An operator will answer you, who will take note of your mobile phone number, and then you will be called back by one of our representatives, a specialist in the socio-psychological field, to whom you can submit your problems related to the current emergency.

This specialist, in addition to offering a listening and support space, will help you find a solution to the concrete problems arising from the current emergency.

EDISU Piemonte #Tisonovicino

Keeping fit in residence

A number of gym mats provided by Cus Torino have been brought.


[Update March 13]

We inform you about the new timetable until March 25 of the canteens Olimpia and Claretta.

Canteen Olimpia

  • open every day from Monday to Sunday 12:30 am - 2:00 pm | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • NEW: open also on Saturday and Sunday
  • lunch and dinner

Canteen Villa Claretta

  • open Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 March (subsequently closed)

The initiative starts I'll bring you a book at home

More than 700 books from the precious International Library have been brought to the university residences.

A small gesture to network at this time of emergency for all our young people living in residence.
Reading is a beautiful pastime, and this can be a good opportunity to dedicate oneself to the hobbies that we tend to put off when time is short.

The books are available in different languages - besides Italian: English, French, Romanian, Albanian, Arabic and Chinese.

#your home 


Great news

On Monday, March 16, the new experimental initiative for the supply of meals at home in residences will start.


[Updates March 11]

The Decree #Iorestoacasa  was published in the Official Gazette General Series, no. 62 of 9 March 2020 and came into force on 10 March 2020.

We have prepared the information below with the new instructions and directives for guests of our residences, adopted by the body in the light of the new decree.

Download  informativa

Read the FAQ

Coronavirus - COVID 2019: President's decree and urgent measures.


Active telephone numbers

Two telephone numbers have also been set up for information, which are reserved for guests of EDISU Piemonte university residences:

Cell 366 5712153 (active 24 hours a day)
for questions to the prevention and protection service 

Cell 335 7782267 (active from 8 to 20)
for applications to the Residences Service 


University canteens

Olimpia and Villa Claretta AT DINNER be accessible only to users inside the residences, always with the take away formula.


[Updates March 9]

We publish the President's Decree, containing the urgent provisions related to the coronavirus emergency - COVID 2019.

All the provisions to know about the organization of the services of residence, study room and university canteens.

Download the Decree


[Update Friday, March 6, 2020 - 3,30  pm] 

Student Offices

From 9 th March the student Office Giulia di Barolo - Turin is closed.

Remain closed Student Offices of Alessandria, Cuneo, Novara and Vercelli.

We invite students to use the Service and Ticketing service.   

University collaborations

The suspension of collaborations for 200 hours is extended until they are resumed by the Universities.

Online services

Please remember that our online contacts are always active for inquiries:

  • on scholarships and contributions, Isee, assessments and revocations, accomodation service, food service, regional taxes and collaborations 200 hours is active the service of Assistance and Ticketing 
  • to receive assistance on topics other than those listed above, if you have not found the answer by reading the FAQ on the site, please fill in the FORM from Assistance and Ticketing, box "Ask us for help".


[Update Thursday, March 5, 2020] 

Since yesterday Wednesday, March 4, 2020 is in force the new ministerial decree containing the health measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, applicable throughout the national territory.

Among the hygienic and sanitary indications contained in the decree we remember in particular those contained in Annex 1:

(a) washing your hands frequently. It is recommended to make available in all public places, gyms, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places of aggregation, hydroalcoholic solutions for hand washing;
(b) avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections;
(c) avoid hugs and handshakes;
(d) maintaining, in social contacts, an interpersonal distance of at least one metre;
(e) respiratory hygiene (sneezing and/or coughing into a handkerchief avoiding hand contact with respiratory secretions);
(f) avoid the promiscuous use of bottles and glasses, particularly during sports activities;
(g) do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands;
(h) cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough;
(i) not take antiviral drugs and antibiotics, unless prescribed by a doctor;
(l) clean surfaces with chlorine or alcohol-based disinfectants;
(m) use the mask only if you suspect that you are ill or if you are caring for sick people.


[Update on Wednesday, March 4]

Due to problems that occurred in the morning at the Grugliasco Campus water system which houses our Braccini canteen, we are forced to postpone its reopening.
Further updates will be released on this site as they become available.


[Update on Tuesday, March 3]

In consideration of the new Prime Ministerial Decree of 1 March 2020 on measures to contain the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic (SARS-COV2-2019/2020) currently underway in Italy, we publish updates on how our services will operate and be suspended in the coming days.

As EDISU we are following in real time the updates of the situation in close connection with national and local institutions so that we can take the appropriate decisions in order to protect the safety of our students.

University canteens

EDISU Piemonte has asked the companies entrusted with their management to reopen the university canteens, in order to encourage the resumption of activities, with particular reference to the canteens located within the university residences.

The reopening will take place with some limitations:

  • the strengthening of the take-away service, especially for canteens located within university hall of residences
  • the simplification of daily menus
  • the reduction of the capacity of the catering rooms to ensure compliance with the minimum safety distance between diners
  • the provision of disinfectant solutions (on request)
  • compliance with the ban on assembly during the waiting and distribution phase

On Wednesday, March 4th
With these limitations, on Wednesday, March 4th the University canteens Principe Amedeo and Olimpia in Turin, the Braccini and Villa Claretta in Grugliasco and the canteen in Alessandria reopen.

The opening hours remain the usual ones.

University Hall of Residences

Given the particular moment and as a precautionary measure, EDISU Piemonte suggests to the residents of our facilities not to undertake any travel and travel during this period and, for those who should return, to postpone.

We reiterate to observe the hygienic and sanitary prescriptions spread through the website and posted on the notice boards of the different structures.

In consideration of the precautionary measures taken, the service of stays on reservation is suspended for the moment.

The restrictions already communicated in relation to access to the residences by outsiders remain in place.

From Wednesday 4 March
They reopen the halls and common rooms and the gyms inside the residences, with access allowed only to users of the facilities.

Extracurricular traineeships

From Wednesday 4 March
They regularly resume activities related to extracurricular internship projects. University collaborations remain suspended for the time being.

Student Offices

The closures of the Student Offices in Alessandria, Cuneo, Novara and Vercelli remain.

The Turin student Office is open but students are recommended to access it only in case of need.

Online services

Please remember that our online contacts are always active for inquiries:

  • on scholarships and contributions, Isee, assessments and revocations, accomodation service, food service, regional taxes and collaborations 200 hours is active the service of Assistance and Ticketing 
  • to receive assistance on topics other than those listed above, if you have not found the answer by reading the FAQ on the site, please fill in the FORM from Assistance and Ticketing, box "Ask us for help".


March 9, 2020

With the reopening of the Universities, currently scheduled for 9 March unless otherwise indicated, it is expected that the canteen services, study room, part-time collaborations, as well as the end of restrictions on access to university residences and student desks in decentralized offices will be fully operational.

To keep up to date with the situation and for prevention advice, we suggest you consult:


[Update on Sunday 1 March]

With reference to the urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019, given the decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of 1 March and in line with the decisions of the Universities, the limitations and closures provided for the services continue for this week, until new provisions.

In the next few days we will promptly communicate updates on the resumption of services and the return to normal activities, for which, particularly with regard to canteens, there is the maximum willingness of the Authority and companies to do so as soon as possible, presumably already from Wednesday, March 4 with the take-away system, compatibly with the new provisions.

With the reopening of the Universities, from 9 March, the resumption at full capacity of the catering services, study room, part-time collaborations, as well as the end of the restrictions on access to university residences and student desks of the decentralized offices is expected.


[Update on Monday 27 February]

Student Offices

As a consequence of the provision prohibiting non-guest students from accessing the Edisu Residences, we inform you that the Student Office in CuneoNovara and Vercelli have been closed, since they are located inside the Residence.

Until further notice, the Turin Students Office is open but students are advised to access it only in case of need. The ticketing service is active for all information or requests.

Online services

Please remember that our online contacts are always active for inquiries:


  • to receive assistance on topics other than those listed above, if you have not found the answer by reading the FAQ on the site, please fill in the FORM from Assistance and Ticketing, box "Ask us for help".

To keep up to date with the situation and for prevention advice, we suggest you consult:


[Update Sunday 23 February]

Dear students and dear students,

as appeared in all the media, some cases of Coronavirus infection have also been recorded in Piedmont.

Food services (canteens and substitute canteen's services) and study rooms

In line with what is defined by national, regional and city authorities, with the Rectors of the Piedmont universities, the institutions involved and hired in crisis units of the Civil Protection, Edisu Piemonte will suspend for a week, starting from midnight today, food services (canteens and substitute canteen's services) and study rooms.

For students who cannot take exams these days, Edisu will take into consideration all the legislative instruments to protect them in obtaining the necessary credits for the confirmation of the scholarships.

Halls of residence

Access to assigned users will be allowed at the  Halls of residence, gym service and access to internal study rooms are suspended.

Overcrowding must be avoided in the common kitchen areas, in some structures there will be a shift in the use of the premises, the mode of which will be communicated structure by structure.


[Update 7 February]

In recent days, the Ministry of Education has issued the circular prepared by the Ministry of Health with the "Directions for the management of students and teachers returning or leaving for affected areas of China".

The circular also concerns universities.

  • For students who have not returned from China and who have not been in contact with sick people, the circular states that "no specific measures are envisaged other than those aimed at preventing common respiratory tract infections" or rather:
    • Wash your hands;
    • Cover the airways when coughing and sneezing;
    • If paper handkerchiefs are used, they should be thrown away;
    • Pay special attention to surface hygiene;
    • Avoid close contact with people with similar flu symptoms.
  • For students who have returned from China in the last 2 weeks, the circular, in addition to the previous measures, gives indications to monitor the possible onset of symptoms such as cough, fever, breathing difficulties:
    • Call the 1500 or regional reference centers;
    • Protect the airway with a mask;
    • Avoid close contact until the health status has been determined by the health care professional.
  • For students who have been notified by the health authority, or who have otherwise become aware, that they have traveled with an nCoV patient - with any type of transport - and/or have cohabited with an nCoV patient, within a period of 14 days, the circular prescribes:
    • to telephone 1500 or the reference centres in the regions in good time for surveillance measures, if they have not already been taken by the health authority.

There are currently no suspicious cases in our university Hall of residences.



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