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Data di creazione: 31 August 2022


The email address is exclusively dedicated to requests for the service called ResidenzAscolta, which exclusively concerns psychological and material support (economic, social, etc.) reserved for students staying at the university residences of EDISU Piedmont. Therefore, only requests for the ResidenzAscolta service must be sent to the e-mail address residenzascolta@edisu- 

E-mails not relating to the ResidenzAscolta service sent to the mail box (directly or via the contact form by selecting the "ResidenzAscolta" topic) will not be answered. 

Questions and requests not relating to ResidenzAscolta concerning to the housing service and other services of EDISU Piemonte must be formulated using the ticketing service, active on the page


Ultimo aggiornamento: 31 August 2022

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