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Fondo rotativo for rent deposit 2017/18: extended to successive years

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Data di creazione: 26 October 2017

The Fondo rotativo for rent deposit 2017/18 - a contribution to cover the payment of the deposit to be paid upon conclusion of lease for a property in the region - is now extended to students enrolled in successive years.

Essential requirement to participate is to be eligible on the accommodation definitive classification list published on the 19 September, have said they were interested in a bed during declaration of interest and not be assigned the same bed.

The apply

There's no time for application from 27 October until 15 November 2017. Any application received before 27 October and after the expiry of 15 November will be rejected.

The application must be made by sending an email to, indicating in the subject line of the email: "last first-Request Revolving Fund 2017/18" and enclosing:

  1. completed form in all its parts, duly signed, downloadable .pdf file;
  2. self registration of University enrollment a.a. 2017/18;
  3. copy of the contract of a house rental regularly registered at the "Agenzia delle Entrate" and the registration number. The length of the contract must cover at least 10 months of the Academic Year 2017/18, must be in the name of the student or in the name of a first-degree relative (in this case must be specified that is used by the student), and the domicile must be located in the same municipality of the  attended course, or in neighbouring municipalities.

Any documents attached to e-mail, except as indicated, will entail the rejection of the request.
For more details on the recipients, amounts, how to submit an application, deadlines and more, go to the Fondo rotativo for rent deposit.



Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 January 2018

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