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Degree award 2020/21 – Definitive outcomes

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Data di creazione: 14 May 2021

From May, the 14 2021 at noon, the Degree Awards' provisional outcomes are published.

How to check the results

In order to check the outcome, log into the Online Services, select “Degree Award” and click on Elaborated ranking list.

Students may result as winner or excluded.

  • WINNER: the student meets the requirements set by the Notice of Competition. The payment of the Degree Award will be done from the end of May 2021.
    It should be noted that the payment procedures start at the end of May but the actual availability of the amount on the bank account for each student will be in the following month.
  • EXCLUDED: the student does not meet the requirements set by the Notice of Competition, therefore cannot get the Degree Award.




Ultimo aggiornamento: 14 May 2021

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