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Covid 19: read the residence guidelines!

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Data di creazione: 17 September 2021

7 October 2021

Updated residency guidelines (new)


We publish theresidences_guidelines_Covid-19 in force in the residences as regards the emergency protocols from Covid 19 that provide important information in relation to the behaviors to be followed to access the residence safely.

The document is subject to periodic revisions in relation to what national and local regulations provide.

Knowledge of these rules is important to allow you to live consciously and carefully the internal safety protocols in the daily gestures of life in residence; to protect you and the many students who are part of the community of residences and staff who work every day to make your hospitality experience unique.

Through this website, social networks, email and paper communications, EDISU Piemonte informs you with regular updates on procedures and new protocols to allow you to enjoy your stay in serenity and safety!

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Ultimo aggiornamento: 14 December 2021

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