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2021/22 scholarship: provisional ranking lists

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Data di creazione: 29 October 2021

The 29 October 2021 starting from 12 o’clock Italian time (noon), the PROVISIONAL ranking lists for the scholarship 2021/2022 are published for students who have requested the benefit. 

Disabled students

The 29 October 2021 starting from 12 o’clock Italian time (noon), students with disabilities who applied for a scholarship integration can check the result in their personal page of the provisional ranking list



Log into the Online Services, and in the box Scholarship, accommodation service, food service” click on the link “elaborated on the list”.
In these ranking lists students can result eligible or excluded

  • ELIGIBLE (idoneo): students who have the requirements; they must check the data and wait for the definitive ranking lists outcome. The ranking list place may vary in the definitive ranking lists due to the submission of complaints by other students.

  • EXCLUDED (escluso): students who do not meet the requirements, who made mistakes while filling out the online application or who must submit further economic documents. Reason for the exclusion is indicated below the outcome and if the student believes that he/she has the requirements it is mandatory to submit a complaint.

 Within student’s personal page a scholarship “estimated amount” is specified, students can benefit from that amount only if they are “winner” in the definitive ranking lists.
PAY ATTENTION: in any case, it is not possible to predict if a student can be winner or not in the definitive ranking list.

Disabled students

Disabled students who applied for a Scholarship integration can find two results in their personal page of Edisu Online services: one about the scholarship application and the other one about the integration, for both of them they can result whether “eligible” or “excluded”. If they are excluded, they can submit a complaint within the deadline.



Both “eligible” and “excluded” students can submit a complaint. Students who are excluded must consider each reason for the exclusion.
Complaints must be submitted especially in these cases:
  • a material error occurred (excepted for situations stated by art. 3 of the notice of competition)
  • reason for the exclusion with the lettering “adjustable by complaint” (“sanabile su reclamo”)
  • reason for the exclusion: “not enrolled on declared degree course in Piemonte” (adjustable by enrolling in university within 30 November 2021 and by paying tuition fees)
  • lack of merit requirements following checks with universities
  • failed finding of an ISEE Universitario or finding of an ISEE Universitario with omissions/dissimilarities or not valid for the applicant with a DSU signed within 30 September 2021
  • Inconsistencies of economic data (for example income’s origin, type of certificate declared in the application)

Complaints must be submitted within 19 November at 12 o’clock Italian time (noon), by filling out the online procedure. This procedure is available by checking the result of provisional ranking list. To attach documents (PDF format only) will be possible.

If no complaint is submitted Edisu will consider that the student has accepted the outcome of the provisional ranking list.
For further information, we invite you to check art. 7 par. 6 of the Notice of Competition (or page 34 of international students guideline).



Non-resident students who:
- applied only for scholarship 
- applied for scholarships and accommodation service but:
  • deleted the accommodation service request by 2 September 2021 or submitted a "renounce of accommodation service" through a complaint by 15 September 2021
  • resulted:
    • eligible in the definitive rankings of accommodation service and subsequently they have been included in the scrolling ranking list;
    • winners with “Erasmus” option with a period equal to or greater than 8 months in the accommodation service’s definitive ranking lists;
    • excluded from the accommodation service’s definitive ranking list for other reasons but who have fixed or will fix the exclusion about the scholarship

from 29 October 2021 and within at 12.00 Italian time (noon) on 3 December 2021 are required to fill out the online procedure of DECLARATION OF HOUSE RENTAL in order to receive, in case of scholarship winning, the due amount (page 39 of international students guidelines).In absence of a declaration of house rental, students who are in the situations listed above will receive the amount provided for commuter students (page 5 of this brochure).

Also Extra-EU students whose families reside abroad have to declare the rental house contract.
More information is available at pg. 43-44-45 of this brochure.



The definitive ranking list for the scholarship a.y. 2020/2021 will be published on 15 December starting from 12 o’clock Italian time (noon)


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