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2017/18 Scholarship: provisional classification lists

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Data di creazione: 30 October 2017

From October the 30th 2017 at 12 o’clock (noon), the PROVISIONAL classification lists for the scholarship 2017/2018 are published for students who have requested the benefit.

Disabled students

From October the 30th 2017 at 12 o’clock (noon) disabled students who applied for a scholarship integration relating to their disabilities can check the result in their personal page of the provisional classification list

How to check the results

Log into the Online Services, (box Scholarship, accommodation service, food service >> click on the link elaborated on the list).
Students without PIN or USER CODE 2017/2018 can check the outcome at EDISU office.

Students may result eligible or excluded.

>> Eligible: the student possesses the requirements and he has to check the data and to wait for the outcome of the definitive classification lists.
>> Excluded: the student does not meet the requirements and he/she musts verify the reason for his/her exclusion and, assuming the requirements are met, it is necessary to submit a complaint against the result of the provisional classification list within the deadline as specified in the section Complaints. Whenever the student is not going to submit any complaint, the provisional ranking list will be considered as examined and accepted

Disabled students

Disabled students who applied for a scholarship integration relating to their disabilities, can find two results in their personal page of  Online Services:

  • one about the scholarship application
  • and the other about the integration, in which they can be “eligible” or “excluded”.

If they are excluded, they can submit a complaint within the deadline.


Complaints must be submitted only according to the following cases:

  • a material error occurred (cases showed in art. 3 of Notice of Competition are considered as an exception)
  • the merit declared has not been verified with the University
  • ISEE Universitario (currently valid, without any omissione/difformità) was not available in INPS database.

Complaints must be transmitted within November the 20th at 12 o’clock (noon), by using the online procedure. The procedure is available by consulting the result of provisional ranking list. It will be possible to attach any possible document (.pdf format only) directly through the procedure dedicated.

In order to fill out the complaint, you are required to check art. 7 paragraph 6 on the Notice of Competition.

Declaration of rental agreement

Non-resident students who applied for:

  • only scholarship;
  • scholarship and accommodation service, then resulted: 
    • eligible, then in the waiting list for an accommodation,
    • winner with “Erasmus Anno” option,
    • renunciatory during the acceptance on line,
    • not interested during the expression of interest,
    • assigned to an accommodation, later renunciatory


have to declare a rental agreement. An appropriate procedure for the communication of the details of the rental agreement will be activated on their personal pages of EDISU Online Services from October the 30th to December the 5th at 12 o’clock (noon).

  • Students who declare the rental agreement will receive the scholarship amount as indicated in art. 5 par. 1.1 of Notice of Competition.
  • Students who do not declare any rental agreement will receive the commuter scholarship amount. (art. 5 par. 1.1 of Notice of Competition)

Also Extra-UE students whose families reside abroad have to declare the rental agreement.

More information are available at art. 8 of the Notice of Competition.

The definitive ranking list 

The definitive ranking list for the scholarship a.y. 2017/2018 is published on December the 15th starting from the 12 o’clock (noon).



Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 January 2018

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