Scholarship supplement for disabled students

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The supplement is aimed at aiding the academic career of disabled students, facilitating the scholastic attendance and learning activities.

These grants integrates those provided by the university (check Law 17/99 and art. 14 DPCM 9 April 2001), therefore students must be registered to the Disabled Students Services of their universities.

Who can apply

These scholarship supplements are reserved to students with the following characteristics:

  • certified disability percentage equal or higher than 66%, or disability certified by art. 3 par. 1 Law 104/1992;
  • registration to the Disabled Students Services of their universities;
  • resulted winner in scholarship classification lists 2017/18.


Disabled students who win the scholarship can ask for a supplement (maximum amount € 3.000,00) on the basis of projects promoted by their universities. This integration is paid mainly in services like:

  • tutoring, learning assistance, LIS interpreting;
  • transportation by taxi and other means;
  • supply of didactic and/or technological devices;
  • accommodation in EDISU residences and/or support in residential activities.


In order to apply for one or more of these interventions, students must fill out the devoted section of their scholarship application form.


Students must submit their application following the instructions and deadlines available on the Notice of Competition 2017/18.


The application will be evaluated by the universities’ Disabled Students Services, and the results will be communicated with the publication of the scholarship definitive classification lists.


Students who win the scholarship and the disabled supplement will receive the supplement during January 2018. Furthermore, they will be informed about the activation of the services.


Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 January 2018