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You can access University canteens and substitute canteen's services by showing one of the documents listed in this page.

Smart card unified with the Piedmontese University system

Smart card is issued by Piedmontese Universities (Università degli Studi di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Università del Piemonte Orientale) when Students enroll. Smart Card is provided with a personal photo and microchip.

University canteens (Turin, Grugliasco, Alessandria) and Substitute Canteens' Services (Turin and Piedmont) can be accessed with smart card . Smart Card has electronic rechargeable purse for meals' payment.

Receipt emitted by Smart Card reader makes it possible to verify type of meal (full, mini, à la carte) and residual credit on elettronic purse.

No other method of payment (cash, credit card, debit card) is allowed.

To avoid microchipo damage, it is recommended to pick the Smart Card carefully.


Smart Card must be refilled periodically at any Smart Card recharge spot.  No-recharge or less credit than meal's fee prevents Students from having lunch (or dinner).

Recharge may be done with amounts of (euro) 5,00 - 10,00 - 15,00 - 20,00 - 25,00 - 30,00 (maximum rechargeable).

Useful links

Smart card EDISU

It is issued by EDISU office in case students do not have university Smart Card.

Works as electronic wallet to be used to pay for the meal. Credit charging should be carried out at any point. Entitles you to access the University canteens and alternative services of Torino and Piemonte.

Magnetic badge

This badge does not work as electronic purse. Meal shall be paid only by cash. Only university canteens of Turin, Grugliasco and Alessandria can be accessed with magnetic badge.

Re-credit cards

In case of substitution of smart card or magnetic badge released by Universities (Athena Card or identification card by Politecnico di Torino) or in case of recharge error, it is possible to request a re-credit of card for the exact amount contained in the electronic purse at moment of substitution/recharge-error. Re-credit occurs by card-loadinig.

To obtain the re-credit of card it is sufficient to fill this form  and deliver it, hand-signed, personally at Canteen or at EDISU office or send it by e-mail to attaching also a copy of ID card or passport.

An e-mail advises when the action is concluded.


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