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Breakdown criteria set in the hall of Residence Codegone

We inform you that, following requests for online transfer received by the deadline of Friday 17th May (2.00 pm), the beds available at the Hall of Residence Codegone will be distributed according to the following criteria:

  • 15% following the ranking order (defined by the ISEE value) for students enrolled in the first years of degree, master's degree and single cycle (confirmations and not)
  • 85% following the ranking order (defined by the 2018/2019 academic year start score) for students enrolled in subsequent years (confirmations and not)



Students who will be accepted the transfer request will receive an email by May 21st indicating the transfer times.

If the student is unable to transfer according to the times indicated, the bed proposed to him will be assigned to another application in order of ranking. 

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