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The updates available on the services are published on this page until March 4. 

From March 5 they are available here. We therefore recommend that you consult the page frequently.


[Update on Wednesday, March 4]

Due to problems that occurred in the morning at the Grugliasco Campus water system which houses our Braccini canteen, we are forced to postpone its reopening.
Further updates will be released on this site as they become available.


[Update on Tuesday, March 3]

In consideration of the new Prime Ministerial Decree of 1 March 2020 on measures to contain the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic (SARS-COV2-2019/2020) currently underway in Italy, we publish updates on how our services will operate and be suspended in the coming days.

As EDISU we are following in real time the updates of the situation in close connection with national and local institutions so that we can take the appropriate decisions in order to protect the safety of our students.

University canteens

EDISU Piemonte has asked the companies entrusted with their management to reopen the university canteens, in order to encourage the resumption of activities, with particular reference to the canteens located within the university residences.

The reopening will take place with some limitations:

  • the strengthening of the take-away service, especially for canteens located within university hall of residences
  • the simplification of daily menus
  • the reduction of the capacity of the catering rooms to ensure compliance with the minimum safety distance between diners
  • the provision of disinfectant solutions (on request)
  • compliance with the ban on assembly during the waiting and distribution phase

On Wednesday, March 4th
With these limitations, on Wednesday, March 4th the University canteens Principe Amedeo and Olimpia in Turin, the Braccini and Villa Claretta in Grugliasco and the canteen in Alessandria reopen.

The opening hours remain the usual ones.


University Hall of Residences

Given the particular moment and as a precautionary measure, EDISU Piemonte suggests to the residents of our facilities not to undertake any travel and travel during this period and, for those who should return, to postpone.

We reiterate to observe the hygienic and sanitary prescriptions spread through the website and posted on the notice boards of the different structures.

In consideration of the precautionary measures taken, the service of stays on reservation is suspended for the moment.

The restrictions already communicated in relation to access to the residences by outsiders remain in place.

From Wednesday 4 March
They reopen the halls and common rooms and the gyms inside the residences, with access allowed only to users of the facilities.

Extracurricular traineeships

From Wednesday 4 March
They regularly resume activities related to extracurricular internship projects. University collaborations remain suspended for the time being.


Student Offices

The closures of the Student Offices in Alessandria, Cuneo, Novara and Vercelli remain.

The Turin student Office is open but students are recommended to access it only in case of need.

Online services

Please remember that our online contacts are always active for inquiries:

  • on scholarships and contributions, Isee, assessments and revocations, accomodation service, food service, regional taxes and collaborations 200 hours is active the service of Assistance and Ticketing 
  • to receive assistance on topics other than those listed above, if you have not found the answer by reading the FAQ on the site, please fill in the FORM from Assistance and Ticketing, box "Ask us for help".


March 9, 2020

With the reopening of the Universities, currently scheduled for 9 March unless otherwise indicated, it is expected that the canteen services, study room, part-time collaborations, as well as the end of restrictions on access to university residences and student desks in decentralized offices will be fully operational.


To keep up to date with the situation and for prevention advice, we suggest you consult:



[Update on Sunday 1 March]

With reference to the urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019, given the decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of 1 March and in line with the decisions of the universities, the limitations and closings continue for this week provided for the services, until new provisions.

In the next days we will take care to promptly communicate the updates on the resumption of services and the return to normal activities, for which, in particular as regards the canteens, there is the maximum availability of the Body and companies for this to happen as soon as possible, presumably already from Wednesday 4 March with the take away system, compatibly with the new provisions.

With the reopening of the universities, from 9 March the full recovery of food services, study room, part-time collaborations is expected, as well as the end of restrictions on access to university hall of residences and student offices of the decentralized ones.


[Update on Monday 27 February]


Student Offices

As a consequence of the provision prohibiting non-guest students from accessing the Edisu Residences, we inform you that the Student Office in Cuneo, Novara and Vercelli have been closed, since they are located inside the Residence.

Until further notice, the Turin Students Office is open but students are advised to access it only in case of need. The ticketing service is active for all information or requests.


Online services

Please remember that our online contacts are always active for inquiries:


  • to receive assistance on topics other than those listed above, if you have not found the answer by reading the FAQ on the site, please fill in the FORM from Assistance and Ticketing, box "Ask us for help".


To keep up to date with the situation and for prevention advice, we suggest you consult:



[Sunday 23 February]

Dear students and dear students,

as appeared in all the media, some cases of Coronavirus infection have also been recorded in Piedmont.

Food services (canteens and substitute canteen's services) and study rooms

In line with what is defined by national, regional and city authorities, with the Rectors of the Piedmont universities, the institutions involved and hired in crisis units of the Civil Protection, Edisu Piemonte will suspend for a week, starting from midnight today, food services (canteens and substitute canteen's services) and study rooms.

For students who cannot take exams these days, Edisu will take into consideration all the legislative instruments to protect them in obtaining the necessary credits for the confirmation of the scholarships.

Halls of residence

Access to assigned users will be allowed at the  Halls of residence, gym service and access to internal study rooms are suspended.

Overcrowding must be avoided in the common kitchen areas, in some structures there will be a shift in the use of the premises, the mode of which will be communicated structure by structure.



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